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April 15, 2013

The Bishop dress with machine smocking and decorative stitching.

Bishop Dress

March 30, 2013

A dress for Sonia.


I’ve taken inspiration from the Romanian folks wear, the traditional stitches and colors found on blouses.


The pattern is a little smoked dress, also known as a bishop dress.

I debated doing the hand embroidery and smocking…vs machine made…this time, the machine won.

For anyone with a great embroidery machine, here are some more designs I wanted to try…could no longer launch my Windows virtual machines, where the PED Basic was installed…oh well will have to re-do it one day.

Pattern: Burda

Fabric: white poplin

Fabric stabilizer: starch spray

Thread: regular sewing thread for the embroidery, no shiny stuff

IMG_0607 IMG_0605  IMG_0600 IMG_0604 IMG_0603


35 Weeks Since September

April 29, 2012

and I’m 35 weeks pregnant, yes it will be a girl.

Pattern: Little White Dress –

Gray and blue yarns:

Purple yarn:

Pink yarn: …

Twisted Green Dress

September 12, 2011

One of the pending pictures for a dress I have sewn a while ago.

At a baby shower with my friend Oana (7+months)

I thought this is a very similar design with Oana’s purple dress, with the twisted knot, and really like how the colors go together.

Crochet Dress

August 22, 2009

Pattern for the crochet top/dress


Bust: 80cm

Length: 86cm

Hem: 100cm

Thread: 220g

Crochet hook: Nr.2

Pattern: see drawing


. = chain

x = single crochet

| = double crochet

all those curved lines are chains of 2, 4 and 6 chains as indicated in the drawing.

Test square: for a width of 3 pattern repeats and a height of 3 patterns => 10x10cm


Start with the shoulder. Chain 13 + 3 for the edge and you will continue downwards. Make 5 rounds of the pattern and put the work aside.

Start with the other shoulder. After the 6th round of pattern chain 48 (i chained 53 just to make it larger).

After the 48 chain, link it with the other shoulder strap. The work will have 10 pattern repeats per width.

Continue work until you have 7 pattern repeats on the vertical.

Armhole shaping:

Make it wider with 7 chains + 3 chains for height, on each side, for the armhole shaping. Work will have 12 pattern repeats per width.

At 13 pattern repeats in total per vertical, first row increase to 5 chains instead of 4. Next row the height will increase from 3 to 4 chains. Next row the chain is increased from 6 chain stitches to 7 chain stitches.

At 19 pattern repeats in total per vertical, increase everything with one chain:

instead of 5 chain stitches => 6 chain stitches

instead of 4 chain stitches => 5 chain stitches on the side

instead of 7 chain stitches => 8 chain stitches

After 26 pattern repeats the back side is finished.


Just like the back. I did mine wider with two pattern repeats to fit the bust.

Click to download PDF – scanned from an old magazine, original in Hungarian

P.S. hope this is not breaching any copyrights…

BurdaStyle – Danielle

January 27, 2008
BurdaStyle-Danielle, originally uploaded by fmirela.

This is my version of the BurdaStyle – Danielle dress.

Having to work with just a little over a yard of crushed velvet, I had to transform this dress into a sleeveless top.

A little insight on sewing velvet can be found on the BurdaStyle site among many other useful how-tos, some of which I followed sewing the Danielle.

For finishing the neckline and underarms I used the technique described here: sew an all in one facing.

A little blue velvet ribbon accents the cut under the bust and the box pleats create a cute baby doll look.

BusinessWeek Magazine Article!

January 4, 2008
BusinessWeek Mag PhotoShoot, originally uploaded by fmirela.

“Extra! Extra!
Read all about it!”

Here it is: a sneak preview into the photo shoot for BusinessWeek Magazine.

BusinessWeek Mag PhotoShoot

For hours on end I felt like a celebrity with photographer Jeffery Salter and his assistant, tons of photo gear all aimed at me. I wonder which picture they publishers chose to use for the magazine.

The article is already online. I was pleasantly surprised to read about Eric from Instructables, Etsy, BurdaStyle and me all in one article. Still can’t believe my eyes!

Isn’t this world so small and how small are we in it?

I’m looking forward to getting my hands on the printed version in stores this weekend! Simply have to get one for my parents :)

Thank you BurdaStyle for everything!

I’d like to thank Marius for his patience in taking picture of me and my creations, my mom for teaching me how to sew and helping me out with the latest garments.
Last, but not least: “I’d like to thank the…Academy!”

Burda Style – Alice in Workingland

November 9, 2007

Women Trend Alice, originally uploaded by fmirela.

Alice in Wonderland was my childhood favorite story. I remember listening to a tape recording of the story (in Romanian) so many times, that I knew it by hard.

My Alice climbs up the ladder to Workingland, wearing a toned down mature version of her girlie dress. She brings with her into the present 60’s mod buttons to accent the uniform like outfit, ready to face any surprises a 9 to 5 job throws at her.

First round of BurdaStyle designs inspired by Alice in Workingland are out! Congrats to the winners and looking forward for the patterns :)

Check them out!

There will be a second round of design contributions to BurdaStyle with the inspiration theme.
Send in as many illustrations as you want for:

Women’s Trend Spring 2008

Mens wear

Women’s plus sizes.

Read the rules here and have fun!

Crochet and Sew

October 18, 2007

Crochet and Silk Dupioni Dress, originally uploaded by fmirela.

Dummy is wearing this as we speak!

Yes, crochet takes a long time, so why not speed things up and combine it with sewing?

The bottom part is a long simple rectangle of silk dupioni that I have
wrapped around the Dummy then started to create box pleats: the same day I have read on Burda Style how to create the box pleats. What a coincidence!! We were on the same wave length.

The top part has been carefully crochet by a pen friend of mine from Romania, Danny. Apparently pen pawls still exist! We’ve met on Etsy and share different but similar passions: she crochets and I sew.
She sent me a link today in the email. It lead directly to her brand new online shop, filled with pretty crochet wear. Check it out!

P.S. My dress is still in the making, so check back soon!

Rainbow Sun Dress

July 20, 2007

My crazy rainbow dress

Rainbow dress, originally uploaded by fmirela.

Congratulations to BurdaStyle Pattern competition winner, JJ! She created a pretty shirt in eggplant purple which I love! I can’t wait for the pattern to be released and sew it.

This is what I’ve secretly been working on for this contest: The sun dress!
Nevermind the crazy fabric colors! I got it cheaper then muslin from JoAnn and it had almost the same drape as taffeta. Yes, It is supposed to be used as windows drapes.

Dress Illustration
I have started to see the beauty in this swamp called the Everglades.
These hot summer days inspired me to create this simple dress. The idea of the darts came from the warm rays of the sun. The darts create the illusion of a corset for a fun radiant summer dress, perfect for pool parties. The round shape of the heat ball inspired the top corset line and the volume of the circle hem.
For lots of volume, I picture this dress sewn in taffeta, very shiny like the sun. A light yellow or ivory would work best for an elegant dress. It may be worn with a tulle underskirt.
A medium weight natural linen would totally change the look into a more modern romantic day look, with a wavy ruffle sewn onto a shorter hem line.
To enhance the cut of this dress, use a solid color for the fabric and contrasting top-stitching, sew the darts inside out, or add piping or narrow ruffles in the center of the darts.

I’ve started to drape paper over the dress form. I pinned down the center line vertically, placed a pin on the waist line and pinned into the apexes. The first dart is placed in the middle of the front left half, with the tip of the dart pointing to the apex, the center of the dart close to the center line and the other tip pointing outward. Then I started pinning more darts, closer to the center and to then to the lateral. I’ve made the center darts longer then the other; their ends further apart and the centers closer together, at the waist line to create an hour glass shape. I made sure the bust is nicely framed by the darts and the neckline is rounded, higher in the center and lower under the arms.

Paper draping

For a tighter fit and a narrow waist line, I added a few darts in the back as well.


The round line of the neckline continues as an S shape that become concave in the back, going down under the bra line.
After all the pinning on the dress form, I have matched that the front and back meet underarm and at the hem lines. I have double checked the fit and transferred this first version onto new paper for cleaner lines.
Here it is on my phatter dummy:
Dress in progress

Hurray for BurdaStyle and may there be many contests as challenging and fun as this!


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