Orange UFO

July 28, 2006

Tonight I decided to continue another UFO (unfinished sewing object) of mine. I had a nice sheer orange fabric, which was too transparent to be sewn on its own. It was already cut using a pattern I liked for a long time now. I Finally found a fabric that I hope is going to be perfect for this. The fabric has little squares of different colors that sort of repeat, so it will look better bias than straight. The pattern can be found in Burda Fashion Magazine No 05/2003, model 130. Burda patterns are so classic, you don’t have to worry that with an older issue your item might get out of style (choosing a model from an older magazine will simply make your creation more unique 😉 ). I hope it will be as nice to wear to work and also go out to cocktails after, considering the right jeans or skirt are worn.

I cut my lining (a very soft, thin lycra fabric I use also for swimwear) according to the pattern that is specially designed for the lining in Burda. The front of the top is made from the sheer fabric, that is bias and goes all the way around to the back, with only one seam in the center of the back. (Actually in the instructions a zipper is mounted in the back, but I will try and see if it will fit without the zipper. It would make things sooo much easier.). Since I do not want to use the zipper, I didn’t make any cut in the center back of the lining, which should not be problem, since lycra is very stretchy.

After pining together (ball point needles) the pleats of the back and front, because the lining is lycra, I am using now the overlock machine to finish the pleats. It is set on a simple three thread overlock seam.

Next, I have finished the lateral seams for the lining.

I have pinned the center back of the sheer orange top, then tried it on. Sorry, no pictures with this….although it does look very sexy with no underlining. That, I could not wear to work, unless I want a promotion…or get fired.

My brother in law called us over for a glass of….”talk”. Beers mainly.

To be continued…


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