Orange Top. Continued

July 30, 2006

Curious? about how this is top is going to turn out, I started early today, with confidence, as last night I have studied the sewing instructions about three times. I felt ready to take everything to the next level and finish it. After all, this fabric has been awaiting its destiny for at least three years.

Putting everything together

Rolled HemWith the serger threaded with orange, ready for a narrow rolled hem suitable for sheer fabrics, I have finished the edges of the front and back draping. I have sewn the pleat on the right of the right of the front ruffle.

Then came the time to sew the lining together with the front of the top, and the front draping. The straps needed to be made first. The straps were to be included in the top seam with all the pieces sewn at the same time.

Making the straps

Cutting bias tapeI have cut my own bias tape out of the sheer orange fabric. A nice satin or velvet ribbon can be used instead. Also a stronger, bra like, satin elastic strap can be used for more comfort.

The idea is to end up having a 5mm flat strap. When the bias tape is cut from the same fabric, it is essential that the bias cut is made, as it does make the strap slightly elastic.

Sew a straight seam almost at the middle of the tape, keeping the tapeSewing Bias Tape folded in half, faces together, then finish the edges.

Turn the strap inside out.

StrapKeep the sheer part of the top inside out.Insert face to face the lining inside the sheer circle, so that the top part of the lining meets the top part of the orange fabric, where the seam will be made.

In the front part of the top, between the lining and the sheer orange Sewingfabric, insert the front draping, so that it lays with the wrong side to the front side of the sheer fabric, when it is turned again right side out, the draping is facing front too. Place the straps in place in front.

StitchHand sew these together, all the way around, or use the machine with a setting for the longest stitch length (it will be easy to remove this seam later). Have a fitting to pin in place the straps in the back, to determine their final length. Also, you can make the straps of adjustable length, just like a bra’s straps.

Now it is safe to machine sew everything together all the way around. I have used the serger for this seam, then enforced the seam with the machine’s straight stitch.

When this is turned right side out, you already have a nice top. This pattern can be used without the draping or only with the front draping (to keep the asymmetric design) and it looks great! I will certainly reuse it like this.

Adding the draping

FinalPlace back draping facing down on the right strap. From the mark of the draping, sew it on the strap all the way to the other mark and to the other end of the strap. Turn it right side up, toward the lateral part of the top. Sew again on the strap this time place a clear elastic tape on the under side, which will keep the strap from slipping off.

Sew on the right strap, the back end of the front draping, in the same place sew the back draping, and let it fall to the back, almost as long as the top.


And here it is!


Enjoy and keep on sewing!


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