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Top and Bottom

September 29, 2006
Little scraps of fabric were left out of the yellow silk charmeuse (and I mean little) but just enough to sew together with delicate elastic and
make this underwear/sleepwear top and bottom.

And the result it:


September 29, 2006
Lately I have been considering buying a dress form.

At the JoAnn store I saw the Dritz MyDouble and another adjustable dress form, made from hard plastic, covered by a synthetic jersey that most fabrics would get stuck on, instead of draping. Pinning those dress forms I believe would be pretty weird also.

I like the idea of an adjustable dress form. Since most of the time I am sewing for myself, I decided that having an adjustable form is not mandatory. As much as I would like to have a 90-60-90 (cm) model type of body, I do not (I’m not that far away from 90-60-90 either). My body did not change that much in the last few years and I intend to at least keep it like this, or slimmer. So I think a fixed size form would be ok for now, and if I am going to sew for someone else, I will call them to come in for fitting sessions mode often. 

I have found a dress form I really like. But then again I would have to loose at least 10 pounds or wrap the form in a winter scarf around the bust and hips, which would look awkward. I want to keep the dress form in my sewing room, which half of the office that I am sharing with my husband.

She has to be pretty to be accepted in the room.

I am considering building the form myself:

This way I would get a perfect fit! My headless twin! I am going to wrap it in some kind of fabric, so that it looks nice, and I am still thinking if I will hang it in the corner of the room or put her on a lamp stand. Hopefully my husband will help with the wrapping. I believe he will enjoy it. I’ll let the TV on in the meanwhile, so that he will not get bored.

Did it! Here it is! It is neither hang or on a stand. It only has a hanger on top, and I am moving it around as I like, form room to room. I use is on my  coffee table, while watching TV, or on the table, when I am in my sewing room.

Love it! I don’t have any training in draping for fashion. 

I already used this form for building a blouse from sketch. You will be seeing it in another post. I did get some books from the library on the subject,  and I am willing to give this another try.  



Shell Findings

September 29, 2006
I had some round leather lace and flat red leather like thread.
You can find these at Michaels or JoAnn and other crafts stores, and use them without any clasps if they are long enough.
On my way out the JoAnn store, these pretty big round shells have caught my eye on a shelf next to the cashier.
Here are the results. Similar, but very easy to make.

These items have been stolen from my apartment….Cheap shells… I have to wonder, do people really need these? I can make more…

Serging Sequins Thread

September 29, 2006
Sewing a sequins fabric?Want simple nice jewels to go along, and you simply do not want to match another texture to your outfit?Easy! Simply serge the thread you are sewing with.

Combine your thread with a silky embroidery thread, of a similar of different color for contrast.

Using decorative thread into the lower loopers of the serger should do the trick.

You will end up with long crochet thicker threads.

Every now and then, place a sequin from your fabric under the needle (stop the machine first then sew it in by manually turning the wheel).
Use many threads of different lengths to build a necklace or bracelet.

Divide et Impera

September 29, 2006

Ok, it’s time to admit it. I am a fabricaholic. Yes, it’s an addictive habit. It is as hard to stop buying fabric, as it is to stop sewing.. so why try to stop?
Sometimes all these fabrics gather up in a huge pile, as big as the mountain of ideas that pile up in my head. This can become overwhelming. I like to use every single piece of material I have, so the number of upcoming projects is greater then the number of fabrics in my closet.

The 12 steps program:

  1. Split the fabric pile
  2. Split the ideas pile for each fabric.
  3. Mark the patterns that you like in the magazines.
  4. Associate each pattern with the corresponding fabric.
  5. Organize the closet
  6. Prepare the items and notions needed to finish each project
  7. Prioritize the projects
  8. Cut and sew one fabric at a time.
  9. Choose patterns that fit the little scraps remaining. (lingerie, bags, hats, shoes)
  10. Sew the scraps
  11. Clean up.
  12. Blog about it.
What have I done to get some light into this mess?
I have kept the stretch fabrics together, poly and cottons separated.


I have sorted the magazines by year and month. Burda in one pile, Boutique in another.

I have also arranged the threads and other notions so that they are in plain view, and easy to pick up when needed.
Once I finish a project, I immediately clean up so that I am ready for the next.
Arrange the bigger scraps of stretch for lingerie, and place them together on a separate shelf, ready for cutting and sewing.All that remains is to find the time, finish the piles, and then build another pile…