Divide et Impera

September 29, 2006

Ok, it’s time to admit it. I am a fabricaholic. Yes, it’s an addictive habit. It is as hard to stop buying fabric, as it is to stop sewing.. so why try to stop?
Sometimes all these fabrics gather up in a huge pile, as big as the mountain of ideas that pile up in my head. This can become overwhelming. I like to use every single piece of material I have, so the number of upcoming projects is greater then the number of fabrics in my closet.

The 12 steps program:

  1. Split the fabric pile
  2. Split the ideas pile for each fabric.
  3. Mark the patterns that you like in the magazines.
  4. Associate each pattern with the corresponding fabric.
  5. Organize the closet
  6. Prepare the items and notions needed to finish each project
  7. Prioritize the projects
  8. Cut and sew one fabric at a time.
  9. Choose patterns that fit the little scraps remaining. (lingerie, bags, hats, shoes)
  10. Sew the scraps
  11. Clean up.
  12. Blog about it.
What have I done to get some light into this mess?
I have kept the stretch fabrics together, poly and cottons separated.


I have sorted the magazines by year and month. Burda in one pile, Boutique in another.

I have also arranged the threads and other notions so that they are in plain view, and easy to pick up when needed.
Once I finish a project, I immediately clean up so that I am ready for the next.
Arrange the bigger scraps of stretch for lingerie, and place them together on a separate shelf, ready for cutting and sewing.All that remains is to find the time, finish the piles, and then build another pile…

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