September 29, 2006
Lately I have been considering buying a dress form.

At the JoAnn store I saw the Dritz MyDouble and another adjustable dress form, made from hard plastic, covered by a synthetic jersey that most fabrics would get stuck on, instead of draping. Pinning those dress forms I believe would be pretty weird also.

I like the idea of an adjustable dress form. Since most of the time I am sewing for myself, I decided that having an adjustable form is not mandatory. As much as I would like to have a 90-60-90 (cm) model type of body, I do not (I’m not that far away from 90-60-90 either). My body did not change that much in the last few years and I intend to at least keep it like this, or slimmer. So I think a fixed size form would be ok for now, and if I am going to sew for someone else, I will call them to come in for fitting sessions mode often. 

I have found a dress form I really like. But then again I would have to loose at least 10 pounds or wrap the form in a winter scarf around the bust and hips, which would look awkward. I want to keep the dress form in my sewing room, which half of the office that I am sharing with my husband.

She has to be pretty to be accepted in the room.

I am considering building the form myself:

This way I would get a perfect fit! My headless twin! I am going to wrap it in some kind of fabric, so that it looks nice, and I am still thinking if I will hang it in the corner of the room or put her on a lamp stand. Hopefully my husband will help with the wrapping. I believe he will enjoy it. I’ll let the TV on in the meanwhile, so that he will not get bored.

Did it! Here it is! It is neither hang or on a stand. It only has a hanger on top, and I am moving it around as I like, form room to room. I use is on my  coffee table, while watching TV, or on the table, when I am in my sewing room.

Love it! I don’t have any training in draping for fashion. 

I already used this form for building a blouse from sketch. You will be seeing it in another post. I did get some books from the library on the subject,  and I am willing to give this another try.  



6 Responses to “Form”

  1. Lori Says:

    Great job. I was too chicken to attempt making one by this method. Instead I cheated and used quilt batting and an old bra. I then covered it with ribbing. I also used the top half of an old pair of nylons to keep the batting from moving. Your form looks perfect!

  2. mirelap Says:

    Thank you so much!
    It took my husband at least 2 hours to wrap me into this sticky duct tape, and a lot of patience. I used 2 big tape rolls and 3 or 4 polyfill, plus a styrofoam ball cut in halves where the bra is. Total cost, around 30$. A little mistake though, I have made the arms too long, so I cannot dress her up in anything, but it is great for draping.

  3. esther Says:

    Great Idea.
    Visited from burdastyle.
    Now I can stop ask my Mom to put on the
    not yet finished dress I am working on. though it might take
    some time too make that. Might apply it if she seems to be
    in a vibrant mood. But Anyway Thanks~!!

  4. Jessica Says:

    I came over from Burdastyle as well. Your duct tape dummy looks great! I think I may have to get around to doing this one of these days. After having kids my dress form is way to small to be of any real use for fitting myself.
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Anna Says:

    Thinking about doing this tonight with my husband. I was discouraged by the wrinkles in tape of other forms I’ve seen online. Your hubby proved that with patience and care we can make it look smooth! I’m really wanting to order the singer dress form but am nervous about the back length being adjustable. I’m 6’1″ and couldn’t find any real information about adjustments on dress forms in the length. 15 Plus or Minus is what most of them say, none of them say whether they go out to 19″ or not. So I suppose this is the best first attempt I can find! Here we go!

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