Feeling Blue

October 1, 2006
Blue skies and purple lilac make the print of my blouse.
I got the fabric during my vacation back home (Cluj-Napoca, Romania) this spring, when you could smell the lilac in the air. Too bad the scent cannot be captured in the blouse; it would bring back nice memories.
I’ve bought just enough for a small top and not an inch more. But then again,
I’m not going to throw away any of the remains. The jersey cotton is way too smooth and soft. I know exactly what I am going to do with it.
The pattern: La Mia Boutique – September 2004.
I only found it in plus size only and I had to adjust it, going down 4 sizes.
This is supposed to be a huge pattern change. It turned out quite alright.
It was actually pretty easy to make the transition four sizes down.
All the lines of different sizes in a Boutique pattern are either parallel or the distance between them increases / decreases with similar amounts.
I’m not good at fitting and pattern changes, but I have survived.
I like the way the color fades to white, it makes it go along great with white pants and skirts.


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