Unique Fabric Print

October 18, 2006

Thinking about creating your own fabric prints?

I know I have a lot of weird ideas sometimes, like images in my head I would love to wear on a T-shirt.
One way to materialize this could be using a little computer software and transforming your thoughts into an electronic version of a work of art, then buy some transfer paper, use an ink jet printer to print your creation and iron it on.

Another solution is to upload your image file to a web site, and order your T-shirt with your own unique design.
To find out more take a look at my colleague’s blog:


I have seen others user Clorox and rubber stamps to bleach the fabric, and I imagine this would work well on cotton denim, especially in dark colors.

If you are more artsy-craftsy and like to paint, you could paint directly on your fabrics (special dyes and markers can be found in craft shops).

Check out painting on silk:

Rust on silk in one of the posts:


 You can also create your own fabric:



3 Responses to “Unique Fabric Print”

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  2. Grace Says:

    You can also see how easy it is to discharge dye with dishwashing gel and stencils or rubber stamps at http://badmomgoodmom.blogspot.com/2006/04/stencils-before-dinner.html

  3. Marian Says:

    Thanks for mentioning http://itobserver.blogspot.com article in your post.

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