January 4, 2007

Playing around with 3D fabric paints and writing sequins. Just like you would
try a brand new pen or pencil, I was trying on these paints to see if they
really write on fabric, so instinctively I wrote my name in the corner of a
fabric that was not cut straight.

I awaited with anticipation until the next day to see how it dried out:
great! no more white paste, just sparkling sequins. Now all I had to do is wait
another 24 hours for it to dry.

I chose a simple pattern from one of “La Mia Boutique” Italian pattern
magazines, for a sleeveless T-Shirt.

Next I cut out the signature with my zig-zag scissors and sewn the painted
piece on the T-Shirt.

Careful! I had to wait 7 days before washing the T, then every time I do wash
it in the machine, I place it in the lingerie bag and get it quickly out of the
water. I guess it is safer to dry it hanging, but I have put it in the drier and
it was fine on a lower heat setting.

I got to wear it in Key West, here’s the Southernmost Point in the US:


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