Orange Chocolate or Pumpkin?

January 4, 2007

I know! Christmas, not Halloween… but I had this brown orange fabric stacked up in my closet for about a year.Its color fades from dark chocolate brown to bright orange and it is wrinkled. All this time I was unable find a suitable pattern for it, so that the wrinkles would be vertical, and the contrasting colors match when sewn. I gave it up…and sewed some T-Shirts instead in the meanwhile. Then it hit me! Why place the wrinkles vertically?! “so they don’t make you fat”… yes, good reason, but then again! if I wrinkle it even more on the top part and make it look like a corset, then it would add a few pound right where I wouldn’t mind (aha, bo*bs).

After deciding that the wrinkles can be horizontal, where should I be placing the brown and where does the orange go? ooo…who knows! After a lot of cat walking in front of the mirror with the fabric, it seemed to look better on me with the orange at the bottom. But it was way to looooong like this. I wanted to create a more modern crazy dress, but a satin nightgown. Crazy ha? then why not add a little tulle under it, to puff it up and raise it, without destroying the faded color effect? Said and done.

Here’s my pumpkin dress I wore at the Christmas party in 2006:


One Response to “Orange Chocolate or Pumpkin?”

  1. sara perry Says:

    i love this dress i love the compination of browns and oranges

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