All in one dress

January 8, 2007

How come?

It can be elegant or casual, it is comfortable no matter what, very easy and quick to make and very versatile.

It changes in minutes from skirt to dress, to a different dress and another different dress!

It is all that in one dress.

I discovered it on Craftster, the original from Rostitchery. Thank you!

I immediately decided to sew my own. Had this stretch cotton fabric with 3 different pattern prints on it, no idea how I could cut it.

So I thought this could work. Did it? I think so!

Today I already wore it to the beach and felt great in it.

I will definitely sew another in elegant simple black fabric so it will be my little black dress.


9 Responses to “All in one dress”

  1. Becky Says:

    I love the mix of prints you had on this. It reminds me very much of Uli’s dresses from Project Runway (which is a good thing, since she was one of my favorite designers on the last round!)

  2. Mirela Says:

    Thank you! Hurray for hot weather clothes! I live in Florida now, just like Uli, so I tend to sew hot weather clothes now. I loved how she explained her inspiration to the judges all the time. I also enjoyed very much to see Uli come up with so many designs around the same idea: THE dress!

    All the prints were initially on the same fabric, and I have been twisting it around for quite some time until I decided to actually cut it, without messing up the patterns.

    P.S. I visited your blog and your crafting is amazing! I loved the corduroy jacket and the shell necklaces very much!

  3. Bärbel Says:

    This is so clever! I haven´t seen such a pattern before. I came here from the burdastyle site, lol. I never heard of Rostitchery, I will have to look it up and try to find the pattern. A must have for next summer! And a motivation for my spring diet, lol

  4. Mirela Says:

    I plan on doing this again soon in stretch black tulle, as an evening dress.

    Here are about 80 pages on the craftster forum and many creations around the same idea:
    Craftster – Infinity dress

    Rostitchery’s pattern and instructions

  5. Laura L Says:

    Great dress! I can see where my time will be spent this spring! One quick question – how did you finish the edges of the ties given that they will be exposed depending how one ties them?

    Thanks again!
    Laura L

  6. Mirela Says:

    Thanks! I have finished everything with a coverstitch, or a double needle, or zigzag stitch will do. Fold the edges towards the wrong side, about 2cm, less then 1″ and do the seam from the right side, so that you catch the edge of the folded part on the wrong side…Does this make sense?

    With printed fabrics I know you are asking this because the unpainted underside (white fabric) shows when you move, I don’t worry too much about it.

    I fold the bands in two, front the shoulders onward so that the white part does not show.
    Probably a fabric in one solid color, or with the same look on both right and wrong sides could give you less headache.

    I’ve read on craftster that some didn’t finish the edges at all, some let the roll on their own towards the back…some did the coverstitch…I think it also depends on what fabric you want to use.

    Good luck with sewing this one!

  7. Wendy Says:

    Oh this is lovely! there is so much you can do with it. How long are your straps? i am guessing, if you cut the skirt pieces on the bias with a touch of shape for hips you get this great fit with some extra stretch as a bonus. More details and ideas please…

  8. Really nice site you have here. I’ve been reading for a while but this post made me want to say 2 thumbs up. Keep up the great work

  9. Rachel R. Says:

    That fabric is so awesome for this dress!

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