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Black Tulle Lingerie

February 28, 2007

Oh! the leftover fabric again, and the amazing things that can be done with it!

Stretch fabric can be so versatile, from evening wear to underwear is only takes a few steps.
And isn’t it fun when what you are wearing under matches the clothes? Maybe I am a little to match-y with everything…

I have a stash of different scalloped elastics in many colors. I used black and lilac colors for this project.

The truth is I was inspired by a bought bra I really like, and drafted the pattern myself.

To attach the elastic, place the elastic face down over the right side of the fabric, so that the edges are aligned. Using an overlock stitch, sew over the elastic tape. The tape needs to be a little shorter then the actual fabric, so that it gathers the fabric. The elastic tape needs to be stretched during sewing. The tape will loosen a little with sewing and will not have the power to gather as when not sewn, so keep in mind it loosens, cut it a little shorter, just a little, then what you actually need.
The stitch should be close to the scalloped edge, but not step over it.

Turn the elastic tape toward the wrong side of the fabric and use a zigzag stitch to sew from the right side of the fabric, over the tape again. This will flatten the seam.

The bra has a cool bra extender and closes in the back:

Closed hooks:

A close up of the fabric:

The results:

Keep watching the etsy shop these items will be listed soon!

Elegant Halter Top and Skirt

February 28, 2007

This elegant hanger top is made out of stretch black tulle, with delicate lilac velvet roses and lined with smooth stretch Lycra.

Perfectly fitted around the waist and empty back.
Creates sexy flattering folds in front, without being revealing.

This skirt is knee length and has an eye catching ruffle at the hem line.
Great for a cocktail, or can be dressed down by wearing it with a simple t shirt.

The ruffles at the bottom of the skirt have a narrow rolled hem finish:

This Italian fabric is so unique and delicate, it is stretch tulle, very transparent, and it has velvet lilac roses with green and blue hues.
The skirt and top are both lined with Italian Lycra. Shinny and stretchy as well, offers a great level of comfort.
Here’s a closeup view:

To make something out the scraps of fabric:
Cut out the flowers from a fabric that does not fray. Overlap the flowers. Sew over a velvet ribbon, with beads in the center of the flowers. Finish the ribbon with ribbon ends. Add a chain extension and a clasp.

So I still had some leftover fabric!
What’s next? Lingerie, of course!

Pictures courtesy of my dear friend Roberta, to whom I cannot give enough thanks!
Who is she?
Don’t they look awesome!!

Busy Etsy Bee

February 12, 2007

I have been busy sewing, so busy that I had no more time to blog about.
I have tons of pictures in the camera to download and write about my latest projects.
I dedicate this week to writing and sharing with you my ideas and creations.

Why I have been so busy and with what?

I am so very happy to present my first shop opened on Etsy with the help of by my loving husband Marius, to whom I cannot thank enough for being such a talented photographer!
Here it is:

Where does the Everywear name come from?
I sew wearable Prêt a Porter, everything for every occasion.
It all depends on my mood, my inspiration.

Everywear’s Lingerie collection, because every women should feel special, having something pretty on.

Everywear’s Hibiscus Collection is inspired by the exotic sunny Florida.

Please visit, comment and share your opinion with me.

What I have in mind for my future lines?
Sexy evening wear in black Italian tulle.
Casual comfortable Office wear in cotton Indian shirting.

I would like to try and explore another dimension of hand crafting, with silversmith-ing, due to my incontrollable attraction to silver, and accessories. Also because “silversmith” sound so good!
I have in mind playing with PMC, the magical paste that transforms into silver, greatest invention of man kind 😉 To give a glimpse into my thoughts, I’m thinking nature, again inspired by the exotic reptiles and plants here in Florida, shiny geckos and the carnivore lilies. Strange beauty lies hidden between the lush tropical vegetation, ready to surprise at any time, like a ray of sun shining over the green spiked skin of an iguana.

I have been giving a try to knitting with sterling silver wire, and given the right price, I might already have a few orders.

Just another way to dream and fill my precious spare time…