Elegant Halter Top and Skirt

February 28, 2007

This elegant hanger top is made out of stretch black tulle, with delicate lilac velvet roses and lined with smooth stretch Lycra.

Perfectly fitted around the waist and empty back.
Creates sexy flattering folds in front, without being revealing.

This skirt is knee length and has an eye catching ruffle at the hem line.
Great for a cocktail, or can be dressed down by wearing it with a simple t shirt.

The ruffles at the bottom of the skirt have a narrow rolled hem finish:

This Italian fabric is so unique and delicate, it is stretch tulle, very transparent, and it has velvet lilac roses with green and blue hues.
The skirt and top are both lined with Italian Lycra. Shinny and stretchy as well, offers a great level of comfort.
Here’s a closeup view:

To make something out the scraps of fabric:
Cut out the flowers from a fabric that does not fray. Overlap the flowers. Sew over a velvet ribbon, with beads in the center of the flowers. Finish the ribbon with ribbon ends. Add a chain extension and a clasp.

So I still had some leftover fabric!
What’s next? Lingerie, of course!

Pictures courtesy of my dear friend Roberta, to whom I cannot give enough thanks!
Who is she?
Don’t they look awesome!!


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