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From Inspiration to Earrings

March 25, 2007

From Inspiration to Earrings, originally uploaded by fmirela.

These pendulum shell earrings are one of a kind and have been inspired by Sanibel Island sea shells, Florida.
Looking for shapes and design everywhere makes me want to transform the whole world into silver.
It’s what I did with the shell in this picture. The tip of the shell has been pressed into the FIMO clay, to create the circles in the triangle. Very geometric, yet organic looking design. The clay has been baked in the oven for 25 minutes at 275 degrees F.
The PMC+ lump has been pressed into the mold, torch fired and brass brushed for a soft finish. The process has been repeated for the second earring.
They hang from sterling silver ear wires, and move like pendulums when you move, creating the impression of being larger then they really are.

So, no the world would not be still casted in silver, there’s lots of movement to this dangling earrings.

Painted Maple Leaf Pendant and Earrings

March 25, 2007

Painted Maple Leaf Pendant and Earrings, originally uploaded by fmirela.

Next experiment is the slip, the paste form of PMC.
For this I was looking around in the back yard, for the perfect leaf. As I read, the leaf that is suited for painting on is one that has an interesting skeleton design and it is not waxy.
It is pretty hard to find such I leaf in Florida, most of them have wax on, to protect them from the sun.

As I was looking around in the grass, a neighbor called my name, and when I looked up, I saw it! I found my perfect leaf for the pendant I had in mind, and even more! The little maple tree in the backyard was sprouting new branches, so it had little little brand new baby leaves! Perfect for the pendant and for the earrings. So thanks to Alin and the tree I had something to paint on. The little earring leaves had been taken from sister branches, so they are not quite identical but as unique as nature made them.

A trick I had tried and worked is to place the leaves onto scotch tape, to prevent them from rolling. This kept them nice and flat.
Countless repeated layers of thin paste PMC+ have been painted on the leaves. About 10-12 layers is recommended, and the pieces need to be at least 1mm thick for strength. After each layer dries, apply another.

A little hole has been manually drilled into the PMC pieces, and a sterling silver loop of 4mm is now passing though.

The cord is satin, the cord ends are sterling silver as are the frosted beads and ear wires.

These reminds me of autumn but I think they can be worn everyday with a casual outfit. I can even see a guy wearing the pendant.

Arizona Indian Pendant

March 24, 2007

I have been wanting to experiment with Precious Metal Clay, ever since I found a post on Craftster about someone making a pendant that looked like silver, but I was not sure, and they described the process to me.
Seemed like magic, but it is very real, and makes sense!
There are lots of tiny pieces of silver mixed into an organic paste. By burning this paste, the organic material turns to smoke, and the silver particles fuse together, creating .999 fine silver metal!

Oooh burning something to turn to silver must such a high temperature to do that…not really, now the particles in the silver are so tiny, it can be done with a butane torch, which is exactly how I did it. The same torch used to make creme brullee.

This material can be found in lump form – can be rolled, cut, shaped, dried and carved, paste form can be painted on burning items, paper (haven’t figured out exactly what to do with it, origami is one option, weaving another, overlaying..), syringe…imagine the possibilities! Even some lab grown stones like CZ and other stones that resist high temperatures can be burned with it.

Enameling is the next thing I’d like to try, especially on this Indian pendant.

After the burning process, different finishes can be applied with a brass brush, burning, tumbling or filing.

For this pendant I have chose to brush it, the burnish the edges with a round steel burnisher and leave the lower zones almost white.
Patina or other oxidizers can darken the silver, and then lustering the high zones again, will accent the detailing even more.

This pendant has been oxidized by placing it in a plastic bowl with hard boiled egg yolk. I think it contains some sulfur in it so it works like the patina, but a lot slower. It can be left like this overnight for a deeper effect.

So here is the result of my first PMC experiment (lump form of PMC+ Quick fire), after months of reading and impatient waiting for it and the tools to arrive:

Arizona Indian Pendant, originally uploaded by fmirela.

The print was inspired by my trip to Yuma, Arizona.
It has been stamped with the hair accessory into the rolled clay, then a triangle has been cut around the design.

Black Tulle Purple Velvet Boy Shorts

March 11, 2007

Boy shorts are a perfect everyday alternative to traditional granny panties as they are less prone to ride up, and offer comfortable coverage under skirts. They are also popular teamed up with a camisole and worn around as lounge wear.

Here is the last of the black tulle purple velvet fabric.
I have done it again, and turned the scrapes into lingerie.

Boy Shorts Black Tulle with Velvet Purple Lilac Roses

I really enjoyed sewing this fabric and hope someone will enjoy wearing these, ’cause they are on sale on my Etsy shop:
Everywear by Mirela.

Cotton Sunbathing Suit

March 9, 2007

Just another pair of boy-shorts I made out of cotton knit, but the interesting thing about them is that they were made as part of a sunbathing suit. Sunbathing and swimming, or playing volley ball on the beach and feel comfortable in cotton.

I have just a couple of photos with the sewing process:

I’ve added clear elastic on all the trims so this fits perfectly without becoming bulky.

All carefully sewn with my dear overlock, ready and waiting on Etsy for someone to let it see the sunshine!

Lacy Days!

March 6, 2007

Lacy Days!

I have discovered my kind shop in downtown Hollywood. The fabrics are a bit outdated, or vintage one might say…It is stuffed and nicely cluttered with everything, all the trims in the world and beyond that, lace! Stretch lace, colored lace, lace everywhere.

Ben Raymond Fabrics and Trimmings is a museum of lace.

Their moto is: “If we don’t have, you don’t need it!“.

Sometimes I get discounts, sometimes I think the online stores are cheaper, but including the shipping charges…It’s convenient to be able to buy it and use it today, rather then wait a couple of weeks for the package to arrive from who knows where.

Burda and Boutique patterns are my favorites and this time they worked together for me for this lingerie set. The top bustier pattern is taken from Burda and originally was a bra, but I liked the way the wide lace fits around the under-bra. The boy shorts are made after a Boutique swim suit pattern.

The cutting and assembly process:

These items have been sold on Etsy to a happy customer.

BurdaStyle – Open Source Sewing Patterns

March 1, 2007

Check out this news on Burda’s website:


There’s a new member of the Burda fashion family –

Launched in early 2007 by Nora Abousteit and Benedikta Karaisl von Karais, BurdaStyle is based in New York City and dedicated to carrying on the Aenne Burda legacy: Bringing high style to the broadest possible audience. Employing a pioneering open-source model, the website provides members of the BurdaStyle community with patterns they can download and sew at home, as well as the latest style news and sewing how-tos in photo and video. Members can also post photos of their creations, check out what other users have made, compare notes on the discussion boards and add their own sewing tips and tricks to BurdaStyle’s Sewpedia. Plus, BurdaStyle offers users the exclusive opportunity to sell what they sew in limited editions through partner website

Partners with Etsy, should be the perfect launching path for anyone that sews from Burda and wants to sell on Etsy, since they share the same office space.
So they are in Beta version right now, and already have lots of features, and I assume that they are working on perfecting it and adding on.
I met another talented Romanian who sings, sews and makes jewelry on their forum.

I really like the idea of uploading instructional videos, one can learn so much more that way, instead of reading “right top side of front overlaps the left side, so that the lateral edges align” or other alien language. If a picture says a thousand words, imagine how many words there are in a video.
I’ve showed off some of my creations and how to’s. I’ll come up with more sewing tips and tricks in the future, on how to sew stretch fabrics, maybe overlocking, how knows. I would like to see that database of how tos grow.

They are out there! and they are doing everything to let us know.
My colleague at work asked me if I know about it, their link appeared among the suggested delicious references under Crafts.
This is going to be so cool!

Thanks to Nora and Benedikta, great idea to start this! Good luck!