BurdaStyle – Open Source Sewing Patterns

March 1, 2007

Check out this news on Burda’s website:


There’s a new member of the Burda fashion family – Burdastyle.com.

Launched in early 2007 by Nora Abousteit and Benedikta Karaisl von Karais, BurdaStyle is based in New York City and dedicated to carrying on the Aenne Burda legacy: Bringing high style to the broadest possible audience. Employing a pioneering open-source model, the website provides members of the BurdaStyle community with patterns they can download and sew at home, as well as the latest style news and sewing how-tos in photo and video. Members can also post photos of their creations, check out what other users have made, compare notes on the discussion boards and add their own sewing tips and tricks to BurdaStyle’s Sewpedia. Plus, BurdaStyle offers users the exclusive opportunity to sell what they sew in limited editions through partner website Etsy.com.

Partners with Etsy, should be the perfect launching path for anyone that sews from Burda and wants to sell on Etsy, since they share the same office space.
So they are in Beta version right now, and already have lots of features, and I assume that they are working on perfecting it and adding on.
I met another talented Romanian who sings, sews and makes jewelry on their forum.

I really like the idea of uploading instructional videos, one can learn so much more that way, instead of reading “right top side of front overlaps the left side, so that the lateral edges align” or other alien language. If a picture says a thousand words, imagine how many words there are in a video.
I’ve showed off some of my creations and how to’s. I’ll come up with more sewing tips and tricks in the future, on how to sew stretch fabrics, maybe overlocking, how knows. I would like to see that database of how tos grow.

They are out there! and they are doing everything to let us know.
My colleague at work asked me if I know about it, their link appeared among the suggested delicious references under Crafts.
This is going to be so cool!

Thanks to Nora and Benedikta, great idea to start this! Good luck!


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