PMC Pendant Blade

April 4, 2007

PMC Pendant Blade

I made this Blade pendant out of a PMC+ lump as a present for a dear friend of mine, aka the Blade.

Happy Birthday!

I wanted to experiment again with a different type of bail, a hidden one this time.
First I have rolled out a snake out of the PMC lump, made it narrow on one end and a little larger at the other. The larger end will support my bail. I have pressed down the lateral edges of the blade with my fingers, creating a third edge in the center of the blade. This process took a while, to get the edge lines as straight as possible. Because PMC dries out quickly and you need to work fast with it, I added a little water every once in a while with my index finger to the surface of the PMC to prevent it from drying and cracking. This also helped smoothing the surfaces.
I left the blade to dry before attaching the bail.
I have made the bail this time out of a thin snake of PMC+ about 2 or 3 mm wide), turned it around a wooden tooth pick (treated with olive oil first to prevent sticking). The ends of the snake that overlapped have been pressed together downward. This needs to be made a little larger to fit a chain or leather thread through, take into consideration the shrinkage of PMC+ during firing. To glue together the bail and the pendant, I added just a little water with a paint brush to the larger end of the blade, to make it stickier. While still moist, I placed the bail onto the larger end of the blade, and over just a little PMC+ paste. The paste also acts as a glue. I used the blender tool to make the seams disappear and let everything dry again.
First the pendant looked kinda boring and needed something else to make it a little more interesting. A small round ball of silver like a tear drop on one side gave the piece asymmetry.
The ball was created by melting about 1mm of .950 silver wire. Silver naturally turns itself into a ball when it melts.
To place the ball onto the blade I added just a tinny spot of paste and placed the ball over it. I used the blender tool to smooth the surface around the little ball some more. I have made a small hole just above the ball. Dried everything and then fired it.

Here it is before the firing:

PMC Pendant Blade, originally uploaded by fmirela.

After firing, one surface of the blade has been brought to a high shine, while the other has been left with a smooth satin finish.

It has been fun making this, I hope my friend enjoys it as much as I have enjoyed making it…


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