PMC Pendant

April 4, 2007

PMC Pendant, originally uploaded by fmirela.

With this Precious Metal Clay pendant I have learned to make the bail, instead of drilling a hole for a loop.
First I created a mold into FIMO polymer clay, from a button I loved so much on my faux suede jacket. Then I baked the mold and molded the lump form of PMC+, a bump a little larger then a pea. After drying the pendant I sanded the edges and burned it with the torch.
The oxidized look was achieved by placing it into a plastic bowl with boiled egg yolks 🙂 Then all the high surfaces have been brought to a mirror finish.

Here’s a back view with a little texture:
PMC Pendant

I have made this next pendant out of PMC in the same button mold, but this time I have placed a round loop made out of .950 silver wire and burned them together. This is a present for my mother in law, since the design represents her zodiac sign, the Lion!

In this picture you can see the white PMC look before the burning process.
PMC Pendant

The back view with a similar texture then before, just a little larger:
PMC Pendant

The finished product:
PMC Pendant

I am still thinking of creating a bracelet out of multiple molded circles linked together with silver loop rings.


One Response to “PMC Pendant”

  1. lynsey Says:

    can u do fake cute as a button pendants? silver pref?

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