The Next Swim Suit

April 15, 2007

Swim Suit, originally uploaded by fmirela.

The limited swim suit edition continues as does the endless summer here in Florida.
Some of our friends have moved in a gorgeous apartment building right on the beach. I can just imagine that lifestyle for now, and dream that my husband would agree to move there also maybe in October. Imagine coming home from work and taking a swim in the pool downstairs, or a walk in the sand on the beach! Imagine doing this in the bikini swim suit I made for my friend!
The bikini pattern is from La Mia Boutique, issued in July 2005 (Italian pattern magazine).

The swimsuit is made out of Nylon Lycra swimwear fabric, with the paisley floral motif. I have lined it all over with smooth thin, comfortable white Lycra and finished off the edges with folded elastic tape.
Here’s a closeup:
Swim Suit

The traps are made out of the same fabric. The bias tape is cut, folded in two, seamed mode closely to the folded edge and turned inside out.
In order to make long bias straps, the bias tapes of fabric have to be sewn together. This can be easily made following the next steps:
1. Place the tapes one over another, at a 90 degree angle, right sides together.
2. Make a cut at a 45 degree angle.
Adding on to bias tape
3. Sew the edges.
Adding on to bias tape
4. Unfold and you get a straight piece of fabric to work with.
Adding on to bias tape

Here’s another way to sunbath in it:
Swim Suit

Bring on the heat!

3 Responses to “The Next Swim Suit”

  1. Holly Says:

    Wow, I think I wanna try it 🙂

  2. Becky Says:

    I was actually eyeing that same fabric– I was considering sewing myself a swimsuit, but decided not to. But it’s still nice to see how it looks as one, and great tutorial!

  3. rawsugar Says:

    oh, that fabric. very nice 🙂

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