Me?! Featured on BurdaStyle!

May 22, 2007

BurdaStyle would like to introduce to you a new blog category: Featured Member!

They say: “Many members of the site have been very active and supportive, and we think they should be in the spotlight. We prepared a set of questions that will be posed to the respective user.”

Now, I feel so honored and proud to be a featured user, since Burda has played an important role in my life as a hobbiest seamstress.

Read the interview and check out what BurdaStyle users are up to:

6 Responses to “Me?! Featured on BurdaStyle!”

  1. Nichola Says:

    I read your interview, Congrats on being featured! You’re a great seamstress.

  2. Maja Says:

    Mirela Congratulations, I think you really deserve this! I was exited when I read that interview, and thanks to that I looked at your galery,and I was really positive about how many things you sewed! Happy to be your friend!Trully yours,

  3. Mirela Says:

    Thanks Nichola, Maja!
    Truly happy to be your friend!

  4. Claudia Says:

    Yey, congratulations!!!

  5. Becky Says:

    I’d fallen a bit behind in my blog-reading so this is rather late. But congratulations!! That’s so neat.

  6. Hey great post, I dont know if its just me but the main logo is clipped for some reason. I don’t know if its Internet Explorer 6 or not, just letting you know.

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