Wearable Electronics

May 24, 2007

This morning I was presently surprised by an email, saying that Fashion Geek has joined my neighborhood on the Blog Catalog: Everything you need to know about Wearable Electronics!

“How will Wearable Electronic now change the way we see and use our clothing?”
Have a look at their articles and decide for yourselves.

All I have to say is: I need to make time and read all of it, it is simply revolutionary and truly interesting!
My mom’s a chemist and a seamstress, my dad is an electronics engineer, I’m a software engineer and I’m really digging this brilliant blog!


One Response to “Wearable Electronics”

  1. fashiongeek Says:

    Hi Mirela,
    thanks for picking up on the lead I left in BlogCatalog. I am looking around to find the most creative and best people to engage (hopefully) in Wearable Electronic. It’s the passion of my small but very dedicated team.
    With having your attention, we hit really the point. Your Blog jumped out from the many others because of your huge wealth of knowledge and creativity and last but not least your enormous resources of interesting links on your excellent blog.

    The combination of knowledge in your family is the most exiting for me, exactly what Wearable Electronic needs. The creativity and knowhow about textiles and how to make clothing, electronic know-how and the software skills to make everything work together seamless. That’s the best mix of skills I can imagine for creating Wearable Electronic clothing that does not look ‘geeky’ but fashion enhanced by utilizing technical functions – G R E A T.

    If there is anything I can help to support, just drop me a line. Our blogs mission is to promote and link up people in and around Wearable Electronics.

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