Back Seams Pockets Tutorial

May 25, 2007
Cut the pocket based on the pattern, or like a trapezoid with a small triangle at the bottom to recreate the shape in the picture..
Overlock or zigzag around the edges to prevent fraying.
Mark in chalk/crayon the lines for your fancy top-stitches. I used a CD to create round lines.
Once the lines are drawn on the wrong side of the fabric, place the other pocket over this one, right sides facing. Pin in needles on the intersections of these lines and at the end of the lines.
Turn and mark little dots where the pins are sticking out.
Once you have the little guidance dots on the other pocket, use then to mark the fancy lines.
Sew the top-stitches. I sewed then with the double chain stitch on my serger from the wrong side of the fabric, so the thicker thread is on the right side.
Turn the top margin inside out and machine sew a straight line on each the lateral seam line, backstitch.Cut the corners close to the tip of the seams. Turn them inside out.
Iron press all the seam allowances inward.
This is how it looks like after pressing.
Top-stitch close to the edge on the top of the pocket, then top-stitch again at a distance from the first seam.Now the pocket is ready to be placed over the pants/skirt.Put the pocket in place and sew close to the edge of the pocket, all around, except the top.Then sew another seam at a distance from the first one, starting further apart at the top, and going closer to the first seam at the corners.Backstitch at the start and end of the seam.

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