Knit@ Cape Florida Lighthouse

July 17, 2007

Cape Florida Lighthouse, originally uploaded by fmirela.

I knitted the red to on my brand new Bond America Ultimate Sweater Machine.

Knit! on the Bond Machine

Here I am staying until midnight to knit more rows, just so I could wear it the second day.

The pattern is from Burda World of Fashion issue 06/2007, model 140. I have to say I changed it a bit, as you can see the eyelet lace design is reduced to only two rows and I added a ribbon for some support inside the double crochet at the neck line.

I used this smooth cotton yarn from Coats named Catania (50g = 125m, color code: 0115) with the smallest plate I have for the machine.

This is my first project on the machine and my first time knitting since seventh grade.
I went through the learning process, knitting the square, measuring and adjusting the pattern, increasing, decreasing, casting on, binding off… Once I’ve done all that knitting seamed pretty straight forward. The stockinette stitch is really fast to do, while other designs like eyelets are still done manually on this machine. Either way I love it and am convinced that with practice I’ll soon be moving forward to more elaborate designs. The hardest thing so far for me is finding the right yarn and making the knit fit.

I have read that blocking the knit (either by washing, shaping it to size and letting it dry or steaming it) keeps it from curling. After blocking, seaming the pieces together went smoothly.
Still I do not plan on wearing this top for more then a few hours at a time. This cotton has absolutely no memory, snapping out of shape and stretching in all directions.
I’m thrilled about the machine, got some more cool yarn and will definitely give it another try!
I’m so going to steal my mother’s collection of Verena magazines and I’m also thinking of subscribing to some knitting magazines…have not decided which, please help a knitbie decide! offers a reach collection of free online patterns for all seasons, men, women and kids. I browsed around and printed a few. Now it is time to see if I can read them and choose my next project.
I’m still wondering what’s the best place to find yarns in the US, how does silk or linen behave? Are they suited for hot steamy Florida summer weather?
It is so steamy around here that maybe I don’t have to block my knit anymore, simple going outside should steam it enough.


11 Responses to “Knit@ Cape Florida Lighthouse”

  1. Tany Says:

    Glorious! Love your version for this top!

  2. Maja Says:

    Great!You must keep on knitting!

  3. Claudia Says:

    Ok, you convinced me…I’m now on the chase for one of these machines on Ebay!! 🙂

  4. Claudia Says:

    Lovely top, by the way – you’re very talented!!!

  5. Mirela Says:

    Thanks so much you guys are the best!

    I’ve already started to knit another top, that white pullover from Burda 06/2007, I can’t wait to see how it will look 🙂

    Claudia, Go get it! It’s addictive! but beware, it’s really good for stockinette stitch and takes time to do fancy stitches, plus it likes a little bulkier threads. If you have pets around you should have a place to leave the machine with the work in progress out of reach of pets, the stitches tend to run off if the needles move. Thanks so much for posting about yarn dying, I love the purple in your yarns 🙂 I’ve been scrolling forever through your posts, you knit a while lot!
    Please let me know of a cheaper source for yarns, I spend almost 20$ to make the top…and that’s quite a lot compared to my sewing supplies costs 🙂

  6. Amie Says:


    I just wanted to say thanks for the link and kudos. Normally I don’t post on blogs of people I don’t because I don’t want to look like a blog stalker. 🙂 But I saw you mention the Coats yarn and I have to agree with you. I’m not a fan of Coats yarn in general because as you’ve said, “no memory.” It acts funny. Even worse, it crochets funny. It makes a noise akin to nails on a chalkboard when working with it (in crochet). I made a scarf recently for a nephew and it was dreadful.

    I’m not sure if you’re aware of It’s a great place to research different yarns and compare/constrast them…and perhaps find something better than Catania. You can search using different parameters including yarn weight and color.

    As for the knit magazines, I think it depends on your style. Knit1 is very edgy and artistic. Not everything there is practical, but it’s fun to look at. Their “Green Issue” this month was fabulous. There’s a baby doll dress in there that I fell in love with. For a more high-end feel, go for the straight up Vogue Knitting. I love the runway feel of that mag.

    Or you could be like me and not be able to decide so you just get’em both.

    Good luck with your designing.

    P.S. I (heart) the rainbow dress!

  7. vashti Says:

    Hi Mirela,
    I lived for a long time in Hollywood, FL. The summers here are outrageous! When I first moved to FL I thought I needed to pick the “right” fibers, like linen, cotton, silk. But after awhile I learned that what’s more important than fiber type is how smooth its surface is.

    For example, the more rustic kinds of linen can be kind of “hairy”, and they trap humidity and feel hot. So I look for the high quality plant fiber yarns that have been mercerized and gas-singed (they tend to come from Europe). I get the thin stuff for crochet.

    People recommend silk because it’s breathable but I find that it’s not cool enough when summer is at its peak. I think maybe silk isn’t so good in extreme humidity. For me anyway. I love silk, but when it’s so hot and steamy, rayon works better for me than silk, such as a rayon-cotton blend yarn like Tahki Brilla.

  8. Mirela Says:

    Thanks you Ami and Vashti for “stalking” my blog! 🙂 It’s an honor to have you here.

    I’ll definitely get those knitting magazines and check out the yarndex.

    The coats yarn does feel good and it knitted easy on the machine, it just does not hold the initial shape it has after washing.

    Vashti your suggestions on yarns are very helpful. For fabrics I guess I look for the same features in fabrics, have them breathable and smooth, soft to the touch. I can’t wait for winter to come 🙂

    I still have so much to learn about this, thanks so much for the help!

  9. Monique Says:

    Because I’m a show-and-tell girl, I just love the pics of you knitting on your machine and then the FO pic right above. It’s nice to meet another machine knitter younger than 70! 🙂 Your work is great!

  10. Buna,sant Mirela din Cluj,prieteni buni cu Fam,Popovici.In specialcu Mariana.Mi-a povestit de tine si am vizionat pozele superbe pe care le-ai facut.Sant de-a dreptul invidioasa pe aparatul tau!!!!Eu sant designer de meserie,si tocmai mi-am inchis fabrica de confectii.Daca mi-ai putea permite sa fac niste observatii la talentul tau,poate te-ar ajuta mai mult la creatiile tale in domeniul haine si poate am putea sa facem multe..Eu ma bucur pentru tine si pentru tara in care esti,si pot sa-ti spun ca trebuie sa fi fericita!!!Cu drag si astept raspunsul tau daca crezi ca putem colabora,Mirela …

  11. dismshooche Says:

    Neat writing: i will come back soon!!

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