Rainbow Sun Dress

July 20, 2007

My crazy rainbow dress

Rainbow dress, originally uploaded by fmirela.

Congratulations to BurdaStyle Pattern competition winner, JJ! She created a pretty shirt in eggplant purple which I love! I can’t wait for the pattern to be released and sew it.

This is what I’ve secretly been working on for this contest: The sun dress!
Nevermind the crazy fabric colors! I got it cheaper then muslin from JoAnn and it had almost the same drape as taffeta. Yes, It is supposed to be used as windows drapes.

Dress Illustration
I have started to see the beauty in this swamp called the Everglades.
These hot summer days inspired me to create this simple dress. The idea of the darts came from the warm rays of the sun. The darts create the illusion of a corset for a fun radiant summer dress, perfect for pool parties. The round shape of the heat ball inspired the top corset line and the volume of the circle hem.
For lots of volume, I picture this dress sewn in taffeta, very shiny like the sun. A light yellow or ivory would work best for an elegant dress. It may be worn with a tulle underskirt.
A medium weight natural linen would totally change the look into a more modern romantic day look, with a wavy ruffle sewn onto a shorter hem line.
To enhance the cut of this dress, use a solid color for the fabric and contrasting top-stitching, sew the darts inside out, or add piping or narrow ruffles in the center of the darts.

I’ve started to drape paper over the dress form. I pinned down the center line vertically, placed a pin on the waist line and pinned into the apexes. The first dart is placed in the middle of the front left half, with the tip of the dart pointing to the apex, the center of the dart close to the center line and the other tip pointing outward. Then I started pinning more darts, closer to the center and to then to the lateral. I’ve made the center darts longer then the other; their ends further apart and the centers closer together, at the waist line to create an hour glass shape. I made sure the bust is nicely framed by the darts and the neckline is rounded, higher in the center and lower under the arms.

Paper draping

For a tighter fit and a narrow waist line, I added a few darts in the back as well.


The round line of the neckline continues as an S shape that become concave in the back, going down under the bra line.
After all the pinning on the dress form, I have matched that the front and back meet underarm and at the hem lines. I have double checked the fit and transferred this first version onto new paper for cleaner lines.
Here it is on my phatter dummy:
Dress in progress

Hurray for BurdaStyle and may there be many contests as challenging and fun as this!

13 Responses to “Rainbow Sun Dress”

  1. Tany Says:

    Wow, I’m speachless! What a great creation! GORGEOUS!

  2. stacy Says:

    It’s beautiful! I love the design and I think that the rainbow effect works with this dress – it’s fun & summery!

  3. Mirela Says:

    Thanks you guys!
    The purpose of the contest was to create a pattern and make it come to live in muslin. Since this insane rainbow was the closest thing to taffeta and cheaper then muslin I went for it. Now my hubyy is asking are you ever going dressed like that outside? Hmm..maybe for Halloween! I replied.

  4. Myam Says:

    that would be a very beautiful halloween costume 🙂

    [this reminded me to make my own dress form]

  5. Becky Says:

    Beautiful dress! The pleats add a very sophisticated touch. And even though the colors are crazy, I really like that fabric too. I’d love to see this with a simpler fabric sometime– I bet it would look great!

  6. Mirela Says:

    Thanks! I’ll surely sew this again in another fabric, and play even more with the darts, maybe even add some pipping.
    I plan on scanning the pattern and sharing it with you soon.

  7. adrienne Says:

    This is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Charlotte Says:

    I have just discovered this beautiful dress!!!
    I think it’s gorgeous!
    As i have absolutely NO dress making skills whatsoever, could I buy it or version similar for my prom ?!?!?!?! Or could you make any other suggestions for me.. along those lines???
    Thanks 🙂

    It’s exactly what my friends would expect me in lol

  9. mahnaz Says:

    hi ,cac u giud me to make draping dress

  10. Mirela Says:

    mahnaz, I wish I could, I did it on the fly and don’t know exactly all the steps. I do plan on scanning the pattern and converting it into a printable pdf, but can’t seem to find the time for that…

  11. Ana Carina Says:

    I have no words to express how I love this dress and the colors!

    Is a rainbow…in a dress!


    And you draw your clothes too! We have much in commun!

    Excellent work!

  12. Bean Says:

    is thr rainbow dress for sale?

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