Fast knitting with 007

August 22, 2007

Bit stitches, originally uploaded by fmirela.

After my experience with the last piece of work on the Bond, a little leftover white cotton was perfect for the stitch I wanted to try. The one Sue suggested for creating a really long scarf in no time!
This could be an evening project, or something you can create as a present when you forgot to go shopping for one. I finished it in HALF an hour!
Long knit scarf


She says: knit only a third of the length you want it to be when it is done. Then drop every second stitch and add the fringe on the edges!It works! You will create the largest stitches and your work will stretch and widen.
This technique could be good for scarves, shawls, light blankets, loose net coverups and the list goes on.
I loved it!


Here is the leftover yarn knitted into a white scarf as a present for my mom and the fluffy fringed beige for my mother in law. For the beige I found 50cents worth for a ball.

Knit scarf
Knit it, unravel it, then add some fringe!


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