Slow knitting with the Ultimate Bond Machine

August 22, 2007

Sweater, originally uploaded by fmirela.

It took me forever to finish my white pullover on the Bond. All the right-side stitches needed to be hand caught with the latch tool. To do this every 3 stitches for the front, back and the sleeves, took at least four times more longer then the simple knit.
Blocking the pieces made me realize right away I had a bug. I have made a mistake in transforming the pattern to suit my yarn. I checked all the calculations and they were fine. I guess I just did not count right and missed knitting the rows that were marked as increment or decrease. The top ended up too short and quite tight.
I kind of like how it turned out, since it is ribbed it fits close to my body. The shoulder seams are in place and the length of the sleeves is fine.
Knit pullover
I did had to come up with a quick solution to lengthen the sweater a little bit. Low waist jeans, cold office space and a short sweater do not mix well. I’ve read that it is harder to lengthen it on the lower edge where the knit started. Some suggested to cut out the casting, knit a separate band and then seam the two pieces back. I thought: “No way was I to cut anything! Not after so much work!”, so what should I do?
Hmm maybe crocheting a nice border would do the trick? Maybe, but I have not gone in this direction wither, I just did not think it would match the ribbing.
What then?
I hang my work again on the Bond upside down, with the back of the work facing me. I decided to knit upside down and do a few lace like motifs. I did a few more simple rows and ended with the ribbing to match the initial pattern. I used a smaller gauge on the machine to make the edge tighter.
Knit ribs and eyelets border
Now it looks like the border was done on purpose and I can finally wear it!
I do still like the look of Burda’s sweater and wish mine turned out more like that…It is surely very different from the pattern I had in mind and this makes it unique.
Slow knitting with the Ultimate Bond Machine


8 Responses to “Slow knitting with the Ultimate Bond Machine”

  1. Tany Says:

    Great job, Mirela! I love your version for this sweater!

  2. Mirela Says:

    Thank you Tany!

    I got Katia Jet red yarn for the crochet jacket and crochet about 5 rows in pattern A 🙂 I’s so curious if I can do the whole thing, so far, I’m loving it!
    Thanks so much for the inspiration and advice.

  3. Claudia Says:

    Well done!! It looks beautiful!!

  4. Monique Says:

    You’re doing beautiful work with your Bond. I used to have one also and I adored it.

  5. Gia Says:

    this look really nice – im sure you could even sell these for $30-50 in any store too—

    The lacy motif makes it romantic 🙂

    great job!

  6. Muskan Says:

    This really looks fabulous.
    I like making these types of fashinable things but i dnt knw much about knitting so can you please, if you dont mind, mail me thye procedure or description of making this nice design sweater. I will be thankful to you.

  7. Patricia Says:

    Hi there,
    Love your sweater, where can I get the pattern please.

  8. mirela Says:

    Thanks everyone!
    This turned out to be kind of small for me and I was thinking of taking it apart…I don’t know…

    The pattern is from an old Burda Magazine, but mine didn’t turn out like that at all:

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