Background change

September 13, 2007

Balcony, originally uploaded by fmirela.

It was time to change the background you keep seeing in my pictures. For three years I have been enjoying living in Hollywood Florida with the iguanas, ducks, ibis, turtles and fish in my back yard. I loved the green space, plants and wildlife filled, quiet silence disturbed my the blue jays. Living in Florida and being born under the Cancer sign I feel a magnetism towards the ocean. For the next year me and my husband are renting on the beach. The last two weeks of packing and unpacking were a pain. Literally, we are both bruised from boxes and furniture. At times I thought I am so going to miss where we used to live. I do…but we’ll go back to see the place from time to time. Maybe in a year or two we might move back to the same area. Who knows?

In the meanwhile, between the boxes and with my sewing machines packed in bubble wrap, I’ve took on a new project. The wrap jacket from Burda WOF May issue. Yes! Crochet! It took a lot of practice for me to figure out the pattern and motifs and understand the instructions. I think I figured it out, still not sure where and if I am making mistakes, but things are looking good. I am crocheting forward. I have finished the back and fronts with shoulder pads of the jacket, in Katia Jet ribbon yarn. I cannot wait to see these pieces together. I do have patience, and a big inflatable armchair on the balcony as the perfect setting for relaxing and the red Katia yarn to keep my hands busy. Moving gave me an opportunity to reorganize my sewing and other crafts stuff that I have been collecting to so long. I realized I have one cubic meter of fabrics! It also gave me a change to fall in love with every single fabric all over again and reflect on my next projects.


This is my sewing corner in the making. Marius and I have exchanged office desks so I got the corner one! I will finally have the serger and sewing machine side by side 😀 I promise more pictures with all the organized stuff and the sewing corner soon.

Change is good!


2 Responses to “Background change”

  1. Myam Says:

    new background 😀 the old one was nice.

  2. Maja Says:

    Dear Mirela!
    I am so happy for you!Your new home looks so nice. I love your view from balkony toward the ocean!It is so inspirative I hope your new projects will impress me!Kisses and waiting a hearing from you soon!

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