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Vogue and Magazines

October 19, 2007

Yes, sewing, knitting and crochet books and mags from Vogue!
Vogue Knitting and Knit 1 – spring and summer issues, one fall
Vogue patterns – does not contain the actual patterns as I thought, just filled with ads and fliers. It does have some nice sewing articles.
The cherry on the cake: Vogue Sewing – the bible for sewing, from a dear friend.
I absolutely love Knitting Lingerie Style book and the top on the cover of Crochet Me mag.

Some kids blankets and crochet animals:

And a treasure find from a Russian store in my area: a magazine with beautiful sewing patterns and another for knitting. Although I cannot read these, I think I can handle the patterns.

P1080265 P1080263
P1080266 P1080267
P1080264 P1080268

Sneak Peek

October 19, 2007

Just a sneak peek into the crochet jacket until I get to wear it.
Katia Jet yarn….bad choice for crochet, would buy it again for knitting.

Off the Hook

October 19, 2007


I have finished the Crochet Wrap Jacket from Burda WOF May 2007!

I have started this two months ago, when my sewing machines were packed in boxes as we were moving. I did crochet the blue top in the meanwhile and started to work on the red dress.
This is the first crochet pattern with motif schemas I have ever attempted and it took me a few hours to understand the instructions. I have crochet before simple stitches, but this time I crochet, unwrapped and started over a few times before I finally got it.

I have chosen Katia Jet ribbon yarn for this and have to say it was NOT a good choice at all. I would never use that yarn for crochet again, I think knitting would be a much better choice for it.
The whole jacket eat up 13 balls of 50g of Katia Jet so it is heavy.
This yarn has a very matte look and something shinier and with some drape would be better.

At first I used a plastic crochet hook size F, that I manage to break after a while 🙂 lol. wrapped some tape to keep it together until I found another hook 🙂

I realize now that the instructions for this were in fact very detailed and easy to follow in the end.

One morning this week I thought of wearing this to the office, hesitated and decided that it is better suited for more special occasions and too sophisticated for work.

Keep looking, I’ll have Marius take a picture of me.

Crochet and Sew

October 18, 2007

Crochet and Silk Dupioni Dress, originally uploaded by fmirela.

Dummy is wearing this as we speak!

Yes, crochet takes a long time, so why not speed things up and combine it with sewing?

The bottom part is a long simple rectangle of silk dupioni that I have
wrapped around the Dummy then started to create box pleats: the same day I have read on Burda Style how to create the box pleats. What a coincidence!! We were on the same wave length.

The top part has been carefully crochet by a pen friend of mine from Romania, Danny. Apparently pen pawls still exist! We’ve met on Etsy and share different but similar passions: she crochets and I sew.
She sent me a link today in the email. It lead directly to her brand new online shop, filled with pretty crochet wear. Check it out!

P.S. My dress is still in the making, so check back soon!

Hooked on Blue Traditions

October 14, 2007

Mirela, originally uploaded by mariuspopovici.

Pattern: Phildar
700y / 640m
DMC Traditions 100% Crochet Cotton
(for 6-8 US / 1.5-1.7 EU.)
Crochet Hook: 2.1mm
Time: 1 week
(20 minutes in the mornings and whole evenings)

I have learned to crochet, first in English, now in French!
Thank you Tany for the patterns and thanks for the internet, as I had to do a little translating and a lot of google-ing to get this done.
Needless to say, I could not have done it without those precious videos from

Last Saturday I was at Walmart for a 1 hour shopping until Marius’s photos were being processed. Obviously half the time I was in the sewing isle deciding what thread to buy. You know! is it too little, is it too much, does it cost a fortune? should I get green? I like the blue, oh that lilac is so pretty! Off…just two of these denim blue balls were left, I grabbed them and crossed my fingers hoping it would be sufficient. It was!

Since last Saturday this is what I have been doing in the car to/from work (Marius was doing the driving of course!) and every night: a whole week of looping yarn around.

Here is the top from Phildar ( I added two more straps that tie over the shoulders and made it just a little longer by adding 2 rows of 4 treble stitches in every fourth stitch).

All I need now is to learn how to crochet from Russian patterns, as there are gorgeous cheap Russian knitting and crochet magazines around here.
Oh and in Romanian too…that’s different also.
I wish besides the motif charts there was a universal language for crochet. Or is there?!

Mirela & Dummy

October 9, 2007

Mirela, originally uploaded by mariuspopovici.

I left my darling duct tape dress form behind.. Sad

I (and my husband) wanted one that would look good in the room. Plus I have lost some weight (Happy!) since I was all wrapped around in duct tape. So I went ahead and bought one, which I like a lot, just wish her butt was a little bigger…It was around 70-80$ including shipping (I had cost me 30$ for duct tape and stuffing on the duct tape version).

It is easier to work with since it is on a stand and the height can be adjusted, it is very easy to pin and leaves no glue on my needles. It is very lightweight, yet the stand it stable.

If you are thinking of buying one or wish to make a dress form and need a stand, maybe this link will be useful:

Jersey Dress forms and stands from ROX STUDIO

I have searched the internet forever to find a good price. The shipping was fast too, I’m very glad now I got the dress form.

The picture shows a sneak peek into my current work. Stay tuned!

Also, I have more up my sleeve:
I’m almost ready with the Wrapped Red Crochet Jacket from Burda’s May 2007 issue.
I have finished the back of a simple crochet top in denim blue.

Thank you Marius for the professional picture, for driving me to work and back so I can crochet one more round on the way!