Crochet and Sew

October 18, 2007

Crochet and Silk Dupioni Dress, originally uploaded by fmirela.

Dummy is wearing this as we speak!

Yes, crochet takes a long time, so why not speed things up and combine it with sewing?

The bottom part is a long simple rectangle of silk dupioni that I have
wrapped around the Dummy then started to create box pleats: the same day I have read on Burda Style how to create the box pleats. What a coincidence!! We were on the same wave length.

The top part has been carefully crochet by a pen friend of mine from Romania, Danny. Apparently pen pawls still exist! We’ve met on Etsy and share different but similar passions: she crochets and I sew.
She sent me a link today in the email. It lead directly to her brand new online shop, filled with pretty crochet wear. Check it out!

P.S. My dress is still in the making, so check back soon!


17 Responses to “Crochet and Sew”

  1. adrienne Says:

    THIS IS GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Erica B. Says:

    That is beautiful! I can’t wait to see it finished!

  3. LauraLo Says:

    This looks gorgeous so far, can’t wait to see it done!

  4. OMG…that dress is STUNNING! I would have never thought to combine the two! How clever!

  5. drenka Says:

    Gorgeous dress!

  6. Mirela Says:

    Thank you all!

    I hope and it will look the same once sewn.

    I plan on lining everything with red lycra fabric and catch the buble hem on the lining. The top part is quite transpar
    I’m thinking about finishing the edges of the lycra with the serger and then hand stitching it to the crochet part (to avoid tensioning the crochet and hide seams from showing on the crochet).

    Another solution would be to hand stitch some nude colored bra cups on the underside on the crochet, like on the wedding dress corsets, but I don’t know how to sew the bubble hem without the lining.

    I think I’ll go with the lycra…
    I don’t know how to do a bubble hem without the lining.

  7. Amie Says:

    {CLAPPING} OMG. I LOVE THAT!!! I’d wear it! You could market that to stores and sell them. LOVELY!

  8. gold Says:

    That is fabulous!!!

  9. Lori Says:

    I just love that combination! Very striking!

  10. karen Says:

    Absolutely beautiful!

  11. Maja Says:

    Beautifull combination!And I just love red it is so feminnine!

  12. Berry Says:

    this is a wonderful dress. I love the mix of crochet and silk!

  13. Cryssi Says:

    It’s adorable. I can’t wait to see it ready!

  14. Ana Carina Says:

    Wow…Wonderful dress!
    I love box pleats and is amazing to think how simple and beautiful can be a dress with a simple fabric rectangle and a croché top.

  15. Mirela Says:

    Thank you Ana! I have followed the Penguin site from your blog and printed out many many many crochet patterns that are just great! You can totally combine the crochet with sewing since you do both so so well!
    I have started work on two other blouses with the same idea, and did some free form crochet that I pinned on the dress form and I’m crocheting them together, takes a lot of time, hope the results are worth it!
    My friend Dana did the delicate crochet part on this red dress, I still have to finish sewing this dress…yes since last year…maybe I’ll wear it at the Christmas party or New Year’s this year! I do hope to finish the sewing, I’m just scared of the lining…

    I love the idea of combining sewing and knitting and crocheting!

  16. Ana Carina Says:

    Yes, It’s a great color for the Cristmas or “Revellon”.

    For crochet and tricot we always have a lot of time…and patience. But the results are amazing.

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