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Mens Wear Coat & Projects

November 16, 2007

Mens Wear Coat, originally uploaded by fmirela.

just more of my Alice in Workingland designs.
I’m having doubts…
Should I keep drawing these or are they horrible?

Mens Wear Vest Alice009_smaller

Alice008_smaller Alice007_smaller

In the meanwhile I have been working hard on a crochet top. I have finished a crochet hat, started to knit on the Bond a pullover from Fitted Knits book, finished the front yesterday.

Next week I’ll be in the Grand Canyon modeling the new pullover I hope I finish.

I did not forget about sewing, and have so many plans in mind, like jackets and pants that I really need. I was just spending my time discovering Ravelry.

I have joined a local knitting group:
I hope I can make some time and join them Mondays at the cafe.

December my mom and dad are coming to visit all the way from Romania and they will be staying for a month!
I cannot wait to sew something with my mother again 😀

Ravelry – username “mirela”!

November 13, 2007

Thank you frecklegirl for the Ravelry invite!

It is neat knit and crochet community that rules!

It lets you organize your stash, needles and hooks, books, plan your work, share it, rate yarns and patterns and more!

You can subscribe to join an invite list here:

See what the rave is all about!!!

Burda Style – Alice in Workingland

November 9, 2007

Women Trend Alice, originally uploaded by fmirela.

Alice in Wonderland was my childhood favorite story. I remember listening to a tape recording of the story (in Romanian) so many times, that I knew it by hard.

My Alice climbs up the ladder to Workingland, wearing a toned down mature version of her girlie dress. She brings with her into the present 60’s mod buttons to accent the uniform like outfit, ready to face any surprises a 9 to 5 job throws at her.

First round of BurdaStyle designs inspired by Alice in Workingland are out! Congrats to the winners and looking forward for the patterns 🙂

Check them out!

There will be a second round of design contributions to BurdaStyle with the inspiration theme.
Send in as many illustrations as you want for:

Women’s Trend Spring 2008

Mens wear

Women’s plus sizes.

Read the rules here and have fun!