BurdaStyle – Danielle

January 27, 2008
BurdaStyle-Danielle, originally uploaded by fmirela.

This is my version of the BurdaStyle – Danielle dress.

Having to work with just a little over a yard of crushed velvet, I had to transform this dress into a sleeveless top.

A little insight on sewing velvet can be found on the BurdaStyle site among many other useful how-tos, some of which I followed sewing the Danielle.

For finishing the neckline and underarms I used the technique described here: sew an all in one facing.

A little blue velvet ribbon accents the cut under the bust and the box pleats create a cute baby doll look.


3 Responses to “BurdaStyle – Danielle”

  1. Becky Says:

    I really like the way this turned out– I’ve been eyeing the Danielle since I first discovered BurdaStyle, but was kind of concerned that it would end up looking like a maternity top due to the pleated empire waist. But this looks welll-fitted. Might have to give that pattern a try after all!

  2. dawn Says:

    Adorable. I have at least 3, maybe 5 pieces of crushed velvet in the closet. I’ve had them so long that I wonder if I’ll ever use them. Every year my options seem to get “slimmer” as my butt gets “not slimmer!”

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