Crochet Top

February 12, 2008
Crochet Top, originally uploaded by fmirela.

YARN: cotton (probably size 10 or even thinner but a little stiffer then usual). No idea how many yards, let me know if you care, I can weigh this.
Hook: 1.7mm
Pattern: Hungarian pattern from some nameless old magazine.

My mom started crocheting this top, while enjoying her winter vacation here in sunny FL. She translated and wrote down everything for me as vacation was over too soon. I wish she could have stayed longer, at least long enough to finish this – that is at least a few more weeks…

I liked working on this pattern. It was very easy to follow and count in my mind, had very little unraveling to do. It worked up pretty fast for such a thin yarn and hook.
I thought to myself I will try to create similar items from the 500 crochet patterns I have in a book…we’ll see…

My favorite thing about the top is that I can wear it over a camisole or a long sleeve fitted knit top, with different colors under.

Here’s a comparison:
Crochet Top
Crochet Top

Thank you mom for starting this!
Thank you Marius for seeing me the way you do in your amazing pictures!


15 Responses to “Crochet Top”

  1. adrienne Says:

    GORGEOUS! I MUST learn to crochet!

  2. LauraLo Says:

    Beautiful! I think it’s my favorite of all your tops so far. Feminine, elegant and it has a vintage look to it.

  3. melissa Says:

    Oooh I love it! It’s so delicate and beautiful – that would instantly class up any plain shirt…

  4. lekkercraft Says:

    This has such a great shape. I especially love it all contrast-y over the black.

  5. Maja Says:

    Love it!Congrats for you,your mum and Marius!And happy Valentine day!

  6. Monique Says:

    I love it! It looks great on you also.


    Hello, Elegant Top.. I like filet crochet, Hope to see new projects of your mom. Sincerely,

  8. Susan Verrall Says:

    Love this top, please can you post the pattern, or where I can find it. I’d like to make it longer as a beach dress.

  9. Char Voigt Says:

    Please, could I have the pattern for this cute crocheted top?
    Char Voigt

  10. Szuflégyilkos Says:

    Could you tell me, please, which old magazine was that? Maybe I can find it somewhere. 🙂 I like your top very much!

  11. Mirela Says:

    I only have this scanned page from the magazine:

    and this is where I tried to translate it…

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