Eva Jacket with lining & Burda Top

February 17, 2008

Sorry if I scared everyone away with my previous post…I was really p#$sed off. Oh well…maybe little Ruby makes it to some poor kid and makes him happy…I doubt it…

Looking back at my latest sewing projects, I see gray! Don’t quite know why, I do love color and don’t have a favorite color…I guess I see gray as more business casual and serious then let’s say pink and orange…

The Eva Jacket No. 2 is done!
I have added shoulder pads to both and lining, with piping around the front and back. This makes a huge difference in the way it looks, especially if I take the jacket off. I now can be proud to say: “I’ve made this!” instead of saying…you know “I did not want to add the lining”, all threads hang out on purpose… and then find a silly excuse..
There really should be no excuse not adding lining to jackets, unless you are using the bias bindings or French seams… it’s really easy to add it and doesn’t take as long as you think. Here’s a great video from BurdaStyle, it might be all you need to know to add it.

Gray  Suit
Big b..

Big b..

The skirt is from Burda WoF No. 05/2006 and I simply love the pattern!
I did some changes to it and added the zipper and front center, eliminating the back center seam, and didn’t do the pockets, although I think they would have been great. I was really tight with the fabric, no remains at all! I hardly had a little piece to adjust the thread tension on the machines…

The top is from Burda WoF 04 or 05/2000 and I have sewn this a few years back…

Coming up: 2 more long sleeve blouses and a cami.
Another jacket from La Mia Boutique has been cut and waiting…

I can’t believe next Sunday I’m in my home town: Cluj Napoca and it’s winter there! I’ll be teaching this course in Bucharest, planning on wearing the suit, if it is not going to be under -10 degrees C.

Will I look like a teacher in this?

Eva Jacket and Burda Skirt


5 Responses to “Eva Jacket with lining & Burda Top”

  1. WOW! Terrific job! Absolutely love the fabric!

    With friendship,

  2. adrienne Says:

    WOW! you did a fantastic job!!!

  3. Kristy Says:

    fantastic – that looks so professionally finished and such a good fit. Of course your students will take you seriously in sharp suit like that!

  4. MareeAlison Says:

    I ldiscovered your blog tonight and just loved your Eva jacket together with the Burda blouse. I hope your students were suitably impressed with your outfit and you weren’t too cold.

  5. Vinic Says:

    i am gonna show this to my friend, brother

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