Overtop in Broomstick Lace

March 28, 2008

Ribbon Bow, originally uploaded by fmirela.

Yarn: DMC Senso Metallics black
Needle: 19 knitting
Hook: 3.50mm crochet
Motif: Broomstick Lace
Pattern: own


Shirt: La Mia Boutique
Fabric: lightweight cotton

Pants: La Mia Boutique
Fabric: Stretch Corduroy

I’m thinking of learning Adobe Illustrator and try to create my own line of patterns for knitting and/or crochet. I need to try experimenting with drawing quality schema’s to represent the patterns as sometimes they are easier to follow then the written descriptions. I’ve searched online forever and ever to find a cool modern software especially for this but all pattern oriented softs out there seem so out of fashion and poorly made. I guess Illustrator would be a more flexible tool, only I have to start watching all those Youtube tutorials first 🙂

This was a very quick crochet indeed, one could finish it in a day or a weekend.
I really enjoyed crocheting this, especially because of the speed, you get to see the airy fabric forming in no time.

While making this everyone laughed at my huge orange knitting needle and asked what is the purpose of such a lacy transparent item.

My aim was to create a sexier version of a vest, something that suggests a corset style, with a baby doll bottom, close fitted waist. A narrow ribbon passes through a row of double crochet stitches, under the bust to emphasize the empire waist.

The shirt and pants I sewed a long long time ago from La Mia Boutique magazine and I plan on reusing those patterns someday.

8 Responses to “Overtop in Broomstick Lace”

  1. Becky Says:

    Lovely, as always! You make me wish I had the patience for yarn crafts (believe me, I’ve tried, it’s just really not my thing at all!)

  2. Cassandra Says:

    Hi Mirela!

    I think your broomstick overlay is perfect! What a great idea! I have yet to try broomstick lace but this overlay is generating some really great ideas in my head.

    Great Job!

    Keep up the good work and the inspirations!

  3. adrienne Says:

    This is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I must learn to crochet!!!

  4. HildeC Says:

    Wow, I’m impressed with how you’ve used broomstick lace in this overtop. I think it looks great!

  5. pamelamama Says:

    Fantastic! I am right behind you loving the broomstick lace technique. I am going to play with it a bit and see what I can do.

    Love your top, it’s very flattering on you. I have my giant needle and I am ready to try!

  6. Maja Says:


  7. Miriam Says:

    Mirella, have you looked at WildStitches software? I’m not a designer so I haven’t used it, but I really think it would speed up the process for someone who wants to offer crochet or knitting patterns.
    Great broomstick lace top!

  8. precious lewis joseph Says:

    i will try this pattern tonight

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