Book Fair

April 14, 2008
Book Fair, originally uploaded by fmirela.

This picture was taken in November at a book fair in Miami, where I have found this 500 Crochet Stitch Designs book, which is really a treasure, complete with photos of samples, diagrams and explanations.

The top I was wearing is crochet in size 10 crochet cotton, my own pattern, which I’m not so thrilled about, and I’m actually considering unraveling it and changing the neckline. It turned out to be too wide. The back is very low ‘cut’ and I’ll like to try and keep it that way. I’ll have to keep this one in the closet until I’ll find the appropriate patience and inspiration for the makeover. A little update on my other projects: I have finished that jeans and organza embroidery jacket a long time ago, took it to Romania and back on my last trip there in March. I have also finished a jersey cami with built in bra and a cowl neck blouse out of the same fabric. I have sewn the Mina dress from Burda Style, it’s still on my dress form. Did not have a special occasion to wear it to yet. I have finished the knit silk slip from Knitting Lingerie Style, knitting and sewing. I really like the outcome of that although the cups are rather small and it is sort of revealing, not work appropriate. I knit a little thong too, but that turned out to be too large. I have finished the knit part of my second silk slip, using leftover yarn (50g ball) and the leftover fabric from the Mina dress.

The Yarn is Endless Summer Luna from Elann, I love it, but it seams it is not available anymore…


Now all I need to do is get my dear husband take the pictures so I can really brag about everything.

I will be traveling again for training in Tel Aviv and then I will be in Romania again for a whole week of ‘vacation’ at the end of May! I’ll need to make a visit to that little Italian fabric store i my home town, see if I ‘need’ anything. Of course I don’t! but I’m sure they will have something I want in the store. There is also a little Chinese shop with gems and pearls that are to die for, maybe I’ll get some for more jewelry projects. Last time I had the change to get them I did not and felt sorry I didn’t afterwards, so this time hopefully I will.

I plan on sewing BurdaStyle’s JJ blouse in a silk polka dot purple fabric, a purple jacket lined in purple silk. I could not resist myself and bought some more fabrics from my favorite online fabric store:

Dark Brown Angel Prints on Ivory Stretch Silk Chiffon Fabric stretch silk angels

This may be for BurdaStyle’s Jane PJs and some lingerie…

Mini Purple Dots on Black Sheer Silk Chiffon Fabric dot silk

BurdaStyle’s JJ blouse again maybe? I’m not sure, or the Elinor?

Solid Deep Purple Fine Line Silk Twill Fabric to use as lining for the cotton purple jacket. purple silk twill

This I think will be lining for the jacket. The Jacket pattern may be BurdaStyle’s Stella?

I have bought Hemp cord from JoAnns and was pleasantly surprise to see that it is made in Romania! I have made a little owl based on an online tutorial and want to make a grocery bag on big wood handles.

That’s it so far!


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