Jeans Jacket with Organza Embroidery

April 18, 2008

Mirela, originally uploaded by mariuspopovici.

This is my favorite jacket ever!
I have made it based on a La Mia Boutique pattern, I think it was the April issue, 2007, have to check. I like how the patterns in this Italian magazine are perfectly fitted, a lot closer the Burda patterns, this time I wanted to go for the tight fit.
Jeans Jacket

I have chosen this slightly stretch espresso colored jeans fabric from fashion fabrics club, having a jacket in mind at that time, not sure which.
The ribbon is from Ben Raymond’s store in downtown Hollywood. Got it a long time ago, while old Raymond was still there, paid a good 20$ for it, but I had to have it. I was thinking of a silly peasant skirt back then. Unfortunately that little store is closing down, they still have some stuff for sale there, but you have to call ahead of time to see if the seller is there. Raymond has retired, and the owner of the Arts Academy of Hollywood bought some of “If we don;t have it, you don’t need it…” stuff. The number is 954 923 1950, in case anyone would like to call and visit.

My mother got me this La Mia Boutique magazine, I was browsing through it and the perfect project for both my dark brown fabric and my golden organza embroidery was there! Way better then my original ideas!

Since the embroidery was elegant and evening like, it is toned down by the jeans, and the other way around the jeans is lifted up, having a more elegant feel than the worker’s fabric that it is. I guess they even themselves out somehow.
I decided to skip the lining and chose to bind the seams with a silver satin ribbon.
Jeans Jacket

Jeans Jacket

I did the top stitching with a special top stitch thread and special needle with a larger eye.

Jeans Jacket

I attached the embroidery using a gold metallic thread with another special needle, so that was really fast and the seam doesn’t show only if you know about it and you use a magnifying glass.

Jeans Jacket

Hand basted on the sleeves:
Jeans Jacket

These are my first bound buttonholes, against my fearful belief, they are not the difficult to make. I used Vogue sewing book for a guide, they show about 5 kinds of bound buttonholes.
They did not turn out perfect, the kind of opened up too much after hand sewing the facing…maybe next time.

Jeans Jacket

Jeans Jacket

I’ve put a lot of work into this one. Usually I like fast projects, like those simple jersey tops, stuff that can be made in a day. The jacket took a week, working only in the evening and a weekend, but I like the outcome and have a few more jackets plans in the future.

13 Responses to “Jeans Jacket with Organza Embroidery”

  1. erica b. Says:

    What a fabulous jacket! Love the detail work and that notched collar is perfection!

  2. Becky Says:

    Wow– that embroidery on it is gorgeous, and it really looks like something you’d buy at a top-notch boutique! Fantastic work!

  3. Simple GORGEOUS!!!! What a talent you are!

    With friendship,

  4. Mirela Says:

    Thank you!

    Becky, I can’t take credit for the embroidery, the organza ribbon is from the store 🙂

  5. kuutydruk Says:

    This is absolutely fabulous! It looks perfect!!! 🙂 Very beautiful.

  6. Tany Says:

    What an outstanding jacket!!! You made it unique and fabulous! Well done!

  7. Alexandra Says:

    Beautiful jacket! I love the juxtaposition of denim and lace. Your topstitching looks great.

  8. Shannon Says:

    This jacket is fabulous!! Thanks for sharing it!

  9. adrienne Says:


  10. melissa Says:

    Simply beautiful! You’ve done a wonderful job on this, inside and out.

  11. britnlind Says:

    Great job! I am in the same spot. I like the quick hit jersey tops and dresses. They make you feel so good when you finish and are so cozy to wear. But the time and attention you put into this was well worth it.

  12. peacockchic Says:

    Wow that Jacket is WONDERFUL and so creative. I love it!! Great job!

  13. maha1965 Says:

    i realy enjoyed watching the pictures and how perfect the jacket is made one week to do it is great job with all the responsibilities we all have i loved the idea of doing the satin binding

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