My Brother

April 28, 2008

My new Brother Sewing Machine, the HE 120 has arrived last week and since I have been looking for supplies for embroidery, like thread and stabilizers.

Here is my first experiment, monogramming letter M:

I’m loving it so far, still have a lot to learn about embroidery.
I have realized how important the combination of fabric, thread, needle, tension and stabilizers are.
I need to come up with designs, and I have a few in my plans.
I was thinking of the Azaleea dress from BurdaStyle with embroidery over the placket, an embroidered tunic, folk style.
What i would like to try is free motion embroidery, and I’d like to create some wall hangings on linen with black or brown thread, representing pictures of Cluj, my home town. Something similar to sketches, but made my needle and thread, with the help of HE (HE is my Brother HE 120).

More to come, stay tuned.


One Response to “My Brother”

  1. Djam Says:


    I’m sure,you’ll make wonderfull things!


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