Deep Purple and Polka Dots JJ

May 9, 2008

Deep Purple and Polka Dots JJ, originally uploaded by fmirela.

BurdaStyle’s JJ blouse is ready! Pattern is here free for download:

Lately I seem to have found a new passion: silk! It is the most wonderful fabric to wear, it feels nice and even if it is really really hot outside, it dries fast and is breathable. Keeps you cool in the heat and comfty in a cold office.

It took me a while to start sewing this blouse, but once I started, the project itself was pretty fast. It has a stand up collar that is comfortable to wear even with all the buttons closed, it looks of open as well. The collar and the sleeve bands are made in a very similar way, so it got sewn faster then I had imagined.

The fabric was just enough for a belt. Unfortunately I didn’t have any bias room for the ruffles, but in the end I like it simple like this.

I chose white simple tiny buttons, to add some contrast. Sewing the buttonholes with the Brother is a breeze! All 6 of them in way less then 5 minutes.

Love the pattern, although there are a few things I would make different the next time. So, Yes! I would sew this again, I already have some white sheer fabric in mind.

The sleeves, I’m not really into puffy sleeve caps. I have made a mistake with this one, I did the gathers only on the backside of the sleeve, for no particular reason, and when I have realized that, it was too late, I had already cut the buttonhole…well…as long as I’m the only one that knows, I guess nobody will be able to tell….Ups! I just told everyone…oh well…lesson learned…

I inspected all the JJ blouses on the site and the description for one of them said: I wish there was more room for the bust…I thought! Great! I wish I would need more room 🙂 In fact, I do! just a little.

It is not that fitted, but with the belt and made in a fabric with a but of drape it has a nice shape.

I have a long torso, so next time I will lower the belt loops about 4cm down. I will also but in more buttons, now they are kind of far apart.

I like the shape of the hem and I bet it makes the blouse easier to tuck in. I would like to see some instructions on how to properly sew this kind of hemline.

Overall, I’m really happy with the blouse, can’t wait to make a jacket for it 🙂

Do you like Deep Purple?

14 Responses to “Deep Purple and Polka Dots JJ”

  1. adrienne Says:

    Very, very pretty! I love that color on you!

  2. loopylulu Says:

    Looks great on you! I’m scared to sew with the silk I have but I’ve finally picked out something and will hopefully get into it this weekend. Hopefully it turns out as well as yours.

  3. erica b. Says:

    That’s really pretty. As finicky as silk is, I love sewing with it.

  4. peacockchic Says:

    I LOVE deep purple. I actually have to refrain from using it too much but I love that shirt. I was already thinking…now WHERE did she get that fabric….

  5. Becky Says:

    I’ve never actually sewn with silk, believe it or not… not readily available in my area since all we have is Joanns’. I’d love to try it– guess I’ll have to order some online at some point.

    The blouse looks great– great color on you. And I like it without the ruffles.

  6. lashell Says:

    Beautiful blouse and a very pretty color. Silk like satin scares. But silk even more since it is a little more pricier. lololololol

  7. dawn Says:

    That must be your ideal color…perfect!

  8. christina Says:

    I have been wanting to try that pattern too. I *love* silk! So luxurious. The polka dots are fab.

  9. Mirela Says:

    Thank you everyone!

    My precious source for silk is online here:

    At JoAnns the dupioni is the only kind I could find, sometimes in the drapery sections, but that is a lot stiffer.

    Here’s a how to for cutting slippery fabrics:

    and a video on sewing with silk:

    Oh and this for straightening the grain:

    this one for sheer fabrics:

  10. Cafe Couture Says:

    I’m not a fan a deep purple but looks great on you. Silk is indeed so smooth and precious, but a little difficult to sew when cutting small details. The waist bow gives style.

  11. Faye Lewis Says:

    I must finally tell you….I’ve been mooning over your blog name for about a year now. I use to own a beauty salon named “The Cutting Edge”. I wanted to use that for the name of my blog, but didn’t because it was so similar to yours. Would it be an awful thing if I used “The Cutting Edge”?

  12. Mirela Says:

    Faye, go ahead! I was looking one day at my blog name and was considering changing it too…

  13. Faye Lewis Says:

    HOW NICE OF YOU!!! I’ll change it as soon as I figure out how to do it.

  14. Naama Says:

    I must say – you are one talented hot lady!

    I hope you found some nice fabrics during you visit here

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