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Yoga Pants

June 30, 2008

6 Seams and 2 hems with a coverstitch or twin needle and you are on your way to the gym!

click on the picture to see more

The Yoga pants are ready and I couldn’t be more happy with the pattern! Burda 11/2007

I cut out a size 40 (which apparently I fit under if I take my measurements). Practically it is too large for me, so I had to take in the pants at the waist quit a little bit. Otherwise, great pattern, nice boot cut shape.

The waist band is wide and is meant to be fold over. This makes a great comfortable pant, with no constrictive elastic band, very easy to sew!

I totally recommend this pattern and will definitely sew it again!

Over the seas and far away

June 26, 2008

Hello everyone, I’m back from my trips (about a month ago) and it took me quite some time to get back into sewing mode.

I have been to Tel Aviv, Israel and it was wonderful. They have amazing markets and fabric stores, wonderful beautiful friendly people and stunning sunsets over the Mediteranian Sea, not to mention the delicious food! If you do go fabric shopping, go with a local if you do not speak Hebrew, so you can benefit of the best deals, otherwise you’ll look like a tourist and pay triple the price 🙂 Thank you Meital for a lovely evening of shopping, coffee and desserts.

Here are my favorite photos I took in Tel Aviv (click on the photo – leave flickr comments if you’d like)

Wanna dance?

I’ll take some pictures of the irresistible fabrics I got and post as soon as possible.

I have plenty of projects to post about, the Mina dress is waiting for pictures, I’ve made a midriff, a hat out of the jeans with the organza embroidery leftovers. A top from the same fabric as the Mina dress, another top on the same pattern. I’ve sewn 5 blouses in a Saturday, just before leaving out of complete boredom. It was fun, I cut them all first and decided to sew similar colored fabrics, the I planned the order of all the seams, pinned everything and streamlined the whole procedure so that I didn’t have to change the stitches and re-thread the serger too often. I’ll put one of them for sale on Etsy, the rest I really like so I’m going to keep them.

Now I have cut a pair of Yoga pants, I’m planning on sewing them tonight (Burda 11/2007, click on the picture to go the the burdafashion site – they have a fold over waist band). Yes, I started going to the gym again.


Also I have found gorgeous bamboo and organic cotton fabrics in the store at JoAnns! Can you believe it?! I got to use discount coupons so I got some for a top and another pair of pants from Burda 06/2008. The fabric for the pants is 50% bamboo 50% cotton.

So I have a lot of projects to write about, a lot that I’m working on at the moment, and more that are planned.

I have one more week until vacation! Me and my husband Marius are going camping (yes in a tent!) in the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone starting July the 3rd. I just inherited his Nikon d80 camera and will take tons of photos. A week after the trip I’m going on business to Columbus Ohio, in a wonderful neighborhood called the Short North, which is an art district, so I’m looking forward to both trips and hope I can fit some sewing in between…or at least some sew related writing.