Bored on the plane?

August 1, 2008

Crochet Beanie, originally uploaded by fmirela.

Yarn: Cotton Ease
Pattern: based on Garn Studio
Needles: 3.5mm Crochet Hook

From this little corner of the world, surrounded by swamp and the ocean, one needs to get on a plane for a change of scenery. A 5 hour flight from Fort Lauderdale took us to Salt Lake City and another 5 hours drive away we were in the Grand Tetons and on our way to Yellowstone. Add those hours together and one gets a lot of crochet or knitting time!

Yes I was able to take the crochet hooks with me, even the aluminum kind, no questions asked by the airport security personnel. There are of course plastic versions if you have any worries…

Crocheting helped me quit smoking, I wish my husband would like to give it a also helps you keep your cool on a plane, especially when you got your cheap tickets in the last row next to the lavatory, where everyone seems to form a huge line after drinking about 50ml of water.

You can also choose to work on a smaller project that you can even finish by the time the plane lands and you can have a useful item to wear during your stay.

My crochet beanie has seriously been used as a sun hat during the day, with the ear-flaps lifted and it also holds some warmth during colder nights in a tent.

Bacteria and my crochet beanie

From the top

3 Responses to “Bored on the plane?”

  1. Cool photographs,I liked all of them,keep posting.

  2. I have wanted to visit yellowstone since i was a little girl! Post some more pictures of your visit!! Love the beanie! I need to get back in to crocheting!

    visit me at for some laughs

  3. Grace Says:

    Love the orange beanie next to the orange-tinged lake!

    You know what is really nifty? Visiting Yellowstone in the winter. It is the most awesome adventure! We stayed in the Old Faithful Ski Lodge and a Swedish schoolbus aka “snowcoach” dropped cross-country skiers off at trailheads each morning. We skied back to the lodge at our leisure. A hot meal awaited us each night. Best of all, as many people visit Yellowstone in a single summer day as during the ENTIRE winter. The wildlife also congregate in the geothermal areas in the winter for warmth and food.

    So few people, so much wildlife.

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