Friendly to nature

August 17, 2008

Friendly to nature, originally uploaded by fmirela.

Eco friendly fabrics from JoAnns! The best part about that is I can use coupons for 50% or 40% off, so the price is way better then online.
The bamboo knit top is based on one of my favorite patterns from Burda. It is out of Burda WOF Magazine issue 10/1998. The cotton-bamboo poplin pants are based on Model no. 125 from Burda WOF 06/2008. I really am not a fan of these pants. High waist line and very large legs with that pleat in front, will not sew it again…

I have searched forever for some simple buttons to use and after looking at a few priced over 5$ I have finally found these geometric wood buttons for .50c 🙂 they go with the eco friendly.



Finished the insides with a simple satin ribbon with a honey comb stitch. It will keep the raw edge from fraying and it adds some appeal without being bulky.


10 Responses to “Friendly to nature”

  1. Betty Says:

    They both look great! And the fabrics look really nice, too. I tend to avoid the fabric section at Jo-ann’s because I’ve had such bad luck with them. But I might have to take a look at these next time I go there.

  2. adrienne Says:

    Very, very nice!

  3. helene Says:

    I made these pants with linen and it was so horrible on me that I transformed them in ordinary pants .But yours fit you very well ! And your top is gorgeous !

  4. Kim Brown Says:

    I actually love the pants. They look very chic on you, honestly!

  5. Katrin Says:

    I like the whole outfit but understand what you mean as regards the pants…
    What pattern did you use for the top ?

  6. Ana Carina Says:

    Hi Mirela,

    Just beautiful!

    I have the same question than Katrin: What pattern did you use for the top?


  7. mirela Says:


    I have to check what the pattern is exactly. I know it is out of an old Burda WOF magazine, I’ve used this pattern many many times, I think the original pattern is with sleeves…I have to check if I wrote on the paper the issue number…

  8. Ana Carina Says:

    Thanks Mirela!

    It’s a beautiful top!

  9. Mirela Says:

    Ok, found the pattern. It is out of Burda WOF Magazine issue 10/1998.
    It is a long sleeved blouse that I have sewn many times with long sleeves, short sleeves or no sleeves. You can also play with the neckline to allow more drape or less on the cowl part by sewing a shorter or longer seam at the shoulders. The fabric has to have a good drape to be suitable for this pattern, or at least it has to be rather soft. I did sew it in stretch tulle to jersey to a lightweight fleece.

  10. Ana Carina Says:

    Hi Mirela!

    Thanks! It is a very antique pattern of Burda, I hope to find it! But I see that is not dificult to make this pattern because front and back have the same patterns if we use a elastic fabric.
    I have to adapt de pattern because the fabric that I chose haven´t elasticity.

    Thanks Mirela and congratualations for your blog and beautiful garments.

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