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September 3, 2008

Since I subscribe to Burda magazine, I like to save all Burda World Of Fashion photos and technical drawings from their site, where they have an archive dating back to 2004. I keep these files organized under folders having the same name as the magazine Burda 09.2008 on my local drive and find it really easy to browse through them using Picasa. Free download:


For all those other patterns that are not available online, you can scan the center pages with the summary technical drawings.

I do the same with the BurdaStyle patterns: download patterns, save the photos from the creations on the local drive under folders having the pattern name and the type of pattern: dress, shirt, pants, etc. Dress Shari i.e.

BurdaStyle Download

Browse through these images with Picasa, then right click on the desired pattern and say “Locate on disk” -> that is where I will find the printable version right at my finger tips.


Here are the tips on printing BurdaStyle patterns: at home or at copy shop.

I’ve also created an album inside Picasa where I copy all patterns that I plan on sewing.

I might also take pictures of all the fabrics in my stash and try to see if I can associate them with the desired patterns. I could be a simple and quick way to stay organized and on track with the sewing plans.

Inspiration one click away!

I try to keep all the magazines sorted by year and month. Did I post about this already?…oh well…

This way it is easy to get to the magazine and I don’t have to get all those heavy magazines out and spread them around the room whenever I choose the next project.

A lot of new downloadable free patterns are posted on the German Burda site:

seems that there are more then in the English version and you can choose the language at download time for some of them. There are also some cool knit patterns!

Seems that there is yet another crafting community out there at JoAnns: free to join, forum, project uploads..etc…

5 Responses to “Keep yourself inspired”

  1. helene Says:

    That’s a great idea to get organized like this !

  2. Christy Alex Says:

    I knew that I had a twin sister out there somewhere!
    I do the same thing! I actually have folders for each section inside the magazines as well!
    I save the pics, line drawings & and extra pics. I also go into the properties section and save the pics to the same name so that when i do a search everything i’m looking for will come up!

  3. mooimadeit Says:

    Awesome idea! I have been hearing so much about Burda WOF magazine, and though I haven’t ever actually seen a copy, I think I’m going to have to subscribe.

    How do you file your printed patterns? My collection’s getting a little out of control!

  4. Mirela Says:

    Waw Christy, that is really a lot of work…wouldn’t it be great if Burda just had a download link for all that? Or have a script that does it automatically.

    Mooimadeit you’ll love Burda patterns…I think they are perfect!

    My printed patterns are copied from Burda Magazines on thin tissue paper, so they are folded and stored in binders under the transparent plastic baggies…I don’t know how those are called…each binder is for Shirts, Tops and Blouses, Dresses, Pants, Jackets, Accessories…
    And I have no electronic reference to it…I might use the properties of the patterns in picasa to say if there is a copy of the pattern and in what size…

  5. […] I save the pictures from the magazines and store them on my computer, photo browsers help me search easily. […]

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