September 6, 2008
Earrings and Bracelet, originally uploaded by fmirela.

Bored while watching TV? uuuh…doesn’t that sound lame and awful, bored and TV in the same sentence…Well I do wish I wasn’t 3 nights in a row…I guess I still got a good thing out of it, I like to be productive while killing time, so I knitted these silver wire bracelets with freshwater pearls and wooden beads. They are tied with silk and organza ribbons so they are adjustable. I’ve found the pearls at a local bead shop, in downtown Hollywood (FL).


They are presents for dear friends of mine. I really wish I could have made one more for my best friend from childhood, even got some blue pearls for it but I run out of wire. I promise I will soon!
I am thinking of making these for my Etsy shop I’ve been ignoring for so long now, I really enjoy wearing them and I always got such nice compliments for these. They are quite easy to make, it is really just 10 stitches in simple stockinette stitch, the beads are pre-threaded. The hard part is to keep the wire from rolling and bending, casting on has to be done rather loose and your finger will hurt the next day…I got used to it after the third 🙂

P.S. Here is the first one I’ve made a while back.

One Response to “Knit”

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