Burda Modemagazine

September 22, 2008

for Mirela, originally uploaded by sardana_designs.

This is the monthly BurdaStyle page for September 2008 in the German edition of Burda World of Fashion magazine. Thanks BurdaStyle!!!

I’m really happy to be in there, since it is my favorite patterns magazine that I’ve been using since the ’90s.
I am very thankful to my mom teaching me sewing and to my husband Marius for all the time and talent he puts in taking my pictures. So glad to have Melissa right there next to me, my long time online seamstress friend. She is now collaborating on the Sewing Universe News Feed blog column for BurdaStyle.
Thanks sardana_designs (follow the link and see amazing traditional embroidery and beading designs) for the scanned page and to everyone for all the kind words!

3 Responses to “Burda Modemagazine”

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  2. Myam Says:

    congratulations! 🙂

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