Yellow Drape Top

May 12, 2009

Yellow Drape Top, originally uploaded by fmirela.

Pattern: Burda WOF 10/1998

My favorite pattern for drapy fabrics again and again. Not much to say really, a simple fast serger project. Not a stitch done on the sewing machine, everything in this one is serger, so speed. Simple cut, drapy fabric, 15 minutes cutting out and about an hour of sewing.

Here are some details so you can see the fabric. My mom got this for me in that little dusty Italian fabric shop back home in Cluj, Romania.

The drape at the neckline:
Drape Detail

The coverstitch hem:
Coverstitch Hem

11 Responses to “Yellow Drape Top”

  1. Lily Says:

    i love that drape!

  2. […] Original post by Mirela […]

  3. Amanda S. Says:

    Very pretty. I just love bright and sunny yellow.

  4. Becky Says:

    Just going to comment on all four tops at once– they’re all lovely, as always! Very cheery spring clothes, and of course very well-made.

  5. Sew4Fun (Belinda) Says:

    Gorgeous top! The colour and style suit you perfectly!

  6. Tracy Says:

    Hi Becky,

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    Hope to hear from you soon.

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  7. Tracy Says:

    My apologizes for addressing you as Becky, I typed the name of the person who walked in my office just as I was sending you the email. My apologizes.


  8. Karine Says:

    I love this top, but am having trouble locating the pattern. Could you confirm that this is from Burda WOF 10/1998? Thanks!

  9. mirela Says:

    Thanks everyone!

    Karine, that is what I’ve wrote on the pattern a long long time ago, it says it should be model 120 from that magazine…I might have made a slight alterations, as in not sewing such a long seam on the shoulder, that would create more drape. I do not have the magazine anymore here with me, so I can’t be 100% sure.. sorry…

  10. Meream Says:

    That looks so good!
    Love the color, too. I wish I have a serger 😦

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