In the air

December 22, 2009

In the air, originally uploaded by fmirela.

on the way to SLC from FLL, two hats, one for my friend Oana, one for me.
on the way back to FLL another little hat for a little girl named Alexandra. She drew a pretty thank you note for me 🙂

Yarn: Country something wool blend. 2 sheins
Hook: 5mm

I really liked working with this pattern. Except the hat is very thin in this yarn, not really for winter days, but then again, there’s no winter around here where I am…

See more pics on flickr:


2 Responses to “In the air”

  1. Hi Mirela,

    today I discovered you site and I’m in love with everything that you made. You’re so talentous, I wish I’ll be like you in the future. I’m just a begginer in the seam. I’d like to know how you learned to do all these things. Congratulations!!!

    • Mirela Says:

      Thank you Marcela, I learned by sitting close to my since I was a child, while she was sewing. She thought me sewing and knitting and crochet I learned off the internet 🙂

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