La Mia Boutique

December 22, 2009

and no magazines…

Just thought I would share this with anyone considering….

I have subscribed in October 2009 to La Mia Boutique through

Obviously a ridiculously high price for a magazine, payed the whole amount through PayPal. I thought it would be worth it since I really like the contents and the patterns are move innovating the Burda…I still hope this is not a hoax and I will see my fave mag soon…

Obviously I have not received any magazine yet and we are getting close to the end of the year…

I did receive an email reply in the middle of November, more than a month ago, from saying that I will receive the first magazine in the main by next week and that it is traveling… there was no magazine and now I wrote another angry letter hoping to get better customer service this time.

This is my second failed attempt to get the magazine, first was with IdeeCouture got 2 crappy magazines for 37 Euros, very expensive, one with Children’s clothing patterns and the other with quilting. I do not sew any of that…

I hope I would have better luck this time and that you will soon see another happier post about this subject…

right now I’m feeling disappointed and worried, hoping for a reply and checking my mail box daily.

One Response to “La Mia Boutique”

  1. Sabrina Says:

    I suscribed in mid october and received my 1st issue (Dec 09) 6 weeks later and I live in France, not far from Italy! I think the Italian post is very slow and is to blame. Be patient.

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