July 14, 2010

The month of July was supposed to be reserved for the BurdaStyle Book sewing project.

I downloaded the pattern on July 1st and received the fabric by that day, so I was ready to go…

Go camping that is, to wonderful Rainbow Springs, FL, on the 4th of July weekend.

I wish I did have a month for sewing only…yeah…who does?


I was caught between the camping trip, planning a B-day party,

days of overcoming the after-party effects and a trip to San Francisco starting Saturday.

Time & Progress

All I have left for completing the BurdaStyle Book project, are 3 more nights and that includes doing laundry and packing for the trip. I probably lost a few pounds since I didn’t have time to cook and I might even be dehydrated…

I did come a long way though, loosing a few hours of sleep over it last night, but it is starting to look like something put together finally.

I finished the assembly of the lining, top and bottom front and back pieces, with pockets and the collar is done, all I need is sleeves with cuffs, some topstitching, putting all together, adding snaps, labels. So I can probably finish it in time. You guessed it, it is a coat! A trench and I really needed one. I know I’m in Florida, but I travel and it gets very cold for about 2 days here during winter… I tried to keep it as light as possible, so it will work great! I haven’t sewn a coat in a looong time, but I used to sew everything from camel hair long pile wool to fake fur and ski suits… I do miss the seasons, I can’t stress that enough.

Fabrics and notions for the BurdaStyle Book project

The fabric I received is from Britex Fabrics (I think it is this link). It is a wonderful suede like fabric, kind of khaki, olive green, it changes color with the light. I hope after all my pressing of the seams it will not show, I should have used a towel so that the pile doesn’t go flat looking shiny in pressed spots…oh well I think it is ok, meaning not that bad.

I managed to find a dark green silk dupioni for the lining on sale at the local craft store, so I bought lots of it, enough that I can probably even make a dress out of. It was narrow so I got twice all the added length of the body, length and arms.

For closures I will use snaps, since it is a time saver, hopefully they will work well through this thick fabric. Although given enough time, I would have done those triangular bound buttonholes with leather buttons…oh well, snaps will make it look more modern or maybe military.

Given more time, I would have added leather like piping all around the detailed seams, without the time, I just did some topstitching with regular thread…

I spent more then one hour at the local craft store yesterday looking for snaps, belt rings, piping, a little chain for the hanger.

It was really slow in the store, only 2 assistants, each busy, long lines, so I got the snaps, belt rings and decided to make my own piping, since none in the store would have worked.


I found some orange strips of silk dupioni and some thicker shoe lace kind of yarn, in my extensive stash of stuff.

I wrapped the ribbon around the yarn and starting sewing, using the zipper machine feet, as close the the yarn as possible. Using the zig zag sheers I cut the allowance to about 1.5 cm, that will go into the sewn seam between the fabrics.

The piping I will use only between the facings and the lining. Since everything is so khaki and dark green, a little orange detail will brighten it, even if it only shows when I take off the coat. I might even think that the inside so far is nicer, since it has more details, but simple is elegant, so I’ll just have to wait to see the whole thing done. Soon…! Soon!

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