Next coat

July 22, 2010

I really like how the BurdaStyle book coat ended up. It has a somewhat military trench coat feel.

It was finished last Friday and I’ll get another chance to see it again on Monday before it is off for 18 months at BurdaStyle.

I don’t think I’m allowed to post pictures of the finished product or the sketches, so you will have to wait for the Book and it is a long wait till fall 2011. I totally think it will be worth the wait. Designers working on these projects are from 15 different countries and I’m sure every creation will be very unique. Plus the book will give everyone the opportunity to alter the patterns and recreate the designs.

I have learned/remembered a lot about sewing coats. Next time I will do all the couture touches, like in the Vogue book and next coats will be a little bit more feminine.

Armani put out an extraordinary wearable collection for fall 2010, and a lot of the colors are muted beige and creamy colors, but the cut is everything.

The latest Vogue Magazine has a page describing Beige as not being so boring when paired up with leopard print or bold colors like Red, Green or Purple (not all at once).

Who else is sewing for the book?






Angela Atkin:





Julietta :












Did I miss someone? I’d like to hear who else is sewing for the book.

9 Responses to “Next coat”

  1. Julietta Says:

    Wow, I can’t believe that you are already done with your coat. I just sent off my blouse for the book yesterday. So looking forward to see what everybody has done. Too bad we have to wait so long 🙂

  2. Becky Says:

    I’m still impressed at how quickly you got it done. I haven’t had a whole lot of time to sew this week, and so I’m still working on assembling the lining. (Which is done except for sleeves.) And then I have to actually get the lining into the coat and figure out what the heck I’m going to do for buttonholes. Hoping I can get it done this weekend–I don’t want to miss the deadline!

    And thanks for posting the links to the other participants! It’ll be interesting to look around and get an idea of what everyone else is doing. And I have been posting a couple pictures, but just little detail things–nothing major. So I’m hoping that’s ok!

  3. melissa Says:

    Oh Mirela, mine’s a dress variation. And I can smugly say that it’s already at BurdaStyle HQ, too (I can’t believe FedEx picked it up from me on Tuesday afternoon and they had it on Wednesday lunchtime already!!).

  4. Glad to have found this post to know all the fellow ‘designers’ working on Burdastyle book project. I am working on a variation of dress for the Burdastyle book and i am from India. I will be shipping it on Monday ie., day after tomorrow as i want to check it before i bid good bye till i meet again after 18 long months….

  5. Mirela Says:

    Waw! Thanks for the comments everyone! I am shipping it today, maybe get some detail pictures in the parking lot just before I send it off….
    Waw Melissa, yours got shipped overnight, waw.
    So glad to hear from the BurdaStyle book designers, Thanks Lakshmi

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