What is it?!

August 4, 2010

Hem, originally uploaded by fmirela.

It is my coat, or bits of my coat for the BurdaStyle Book. I hope I’m not showing too much, just the details of the stitching that went into it in 5 days. Actually a day and 4 evenings.

Back vent and hem details
Back vent and hem details

Lining Pleat detail
Lining Pleat detail

Hanger chain
Hanger chain

Hem facing

I did read a lot before sewing this coat, I posted some of the links already, but just to keep it next to the photo so I’ll know what to do next time.

Nameless tutorial 2 shows how the hem facing is done: http://www.fashion-incubator.com/archive/nameless_tutorial_2/


Have a look at Tany’s lining next to back facing and hem facing and lining.

Back vent and hem – should have sewn the hem by hand a little looser, I think I can see the sewing from the right side…
Back vent - right side
Piping and snaps
lining piping

Piping and Snaps

I made the piping myself and it is one quick and easy project: https://mirelap.wordpress.com/2010/07/14/seeeeewing/

Belt – I have to admit I’m not proud of this one…meaning, I would have liked to find some cool belt bucket or do some leather macrame, something special…oh well..

Belt Look

Sleeves in this pattern were too short for me, problem solved thanks to the cuffs:
Sleeve cuff

Puffy sleeves:
Puffy Sleeve
Note to self: Leave a lot more hem allowance on the sleeves! Lot: like 15 cm more. When I added the shoulders, the sleeves got shorted with the thickness of the shoulder…Lucky my design called for cuffs, lucky I made them big.

All about sleeve-heads: http://thesewingdivas.wordpress.com/2008/10/09/sleeve-heads/

All about shoulder pads: http://tanysewsandknits.blogspot.com/search?updated-max=2008-02-14T01:04:00Z&max-results=7

After all, I ended up buying mine, time was of the essence.

Hope there images do not give away too much and the design will still be saved for the book!

7 Responses to “What is it?!”

  1. Gail Says:


  2. Olga Says:

    Buna Mirela, felicitari ca ai ocazia sa contribui la cartea pe care o va scoate Burda. Detaliile pe care le-ai postat arata super, iar linkurile catre tutoriale mie imi sunt de mare folos pentru ca sunt in cautare de info utile pentru croitorie acum ca mi-am cumparat masina de cusut (in sfarsit!!). Cele bune! Olga (de pe Ravelry)

  3. Mirela Says:

    Thank you!

    Olga! in sfarsit! un nou hobby util! Tany are multe tutoriale si coase impecabil.

    • Olga (RO) Says:

      Stiu de Tany, ii citesc arhiva blogului in perioada asta 🙂 N-am putut sa o incep pe a ei pana n-am terminat-o pe a Laurei 😉
      A, stii ce vreau sa te intreb? Tu stii, sau ai lucrat vreodata dupa vreun tipar de pe site-ul asta http://www.leko-mail.net/mod-e.php? Vad ca au o promotie in luna august, in care poti descarca gratuit tiparele lor dar nu stiu cum or fi tiparele.

  4. Becky Says:

    You’ve got some great details on that coat– I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of it next fall!

  5. Tany Says:

    OUTSTANDING job, Mirela!!! BRAVO!!

  6. oonaballoona Says:

    seriously, your details are RIDONKCULOUS! beautiful. i can’t believe all the coat sewers and to get lining and notions…

    i dropped mine off and saw many black bags concealing creations… i didn’t have the nerve to ask if i could peek! i did get to see a few that had just come in, it was like christmas– verypurpleperson’s & fehrtrade’s were there!

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