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Ikea Hula Hoop Tent

September 2, 2014

So much fun to have my daughter back from vacation.

She enjoys this tent a lot, brought all her stuffed animals, mommy and daddy inside, and wants to sleep in it…

Got the fabrics from Ikea, a hula hoop for 3$ at Walmart, the smallest I could find… i didn’t want it to take up the whole room space, butI think a larger one would have been more roomy.



Sew some pockets on the underside of the tent.



It needs a big round foam pillow…on the to do list.

It is pretty dark inside, I do not think of it appropriate for reading…

I could add a window.

I also want to hang a birds mobile inside, since I already have the birds all sewn up and the embroidery hoops.

Here’s a simpler tutorial:


Here’s a ready made version…on the expensive side:

Kalotaszegi Print on T-Shirt

September 2, 2014

Kaloraszegi stitches take way too long.

Here’s a quick way to get the design onto a t shirt:

Print the Kalotaszegi design onto multiple A4 papers tiled, copy it to the freezer paper on the paper side not the plastic side, cut the outline using an xActo knife.



Mix 2 parts acrylic, 1 part textile medium

Iron on the freezer paper stencil, plastic side down towards the fabric



Place a piece of plastic or cardboard under the design, in between the layers of the shirt.

Using a foam brush, paint over the paper to cover the fabric really well.



Let dry and then iron it on the backside to treat the paint and fix it to the fabric.

It has been in the washer/dryer a few times, lasts pretty well, but the paint will crack if the fabric is stretched.





Irasos, written stitches from Kalotaszegi

September 2, 2014

IMG_1814 IMG_1822 IMG_1823 IMG_1824 IMG_1827 IMG_1829

Stitches with cotton over hemp or linen fabric, from the region of Kalotaszegi, or Calata, close to my home town of Cluj.

This is a traditional hungarian/romanian stitch.

I’ve been lucky enough to have amazing Hungarian neighbours, living next door to my mom in Cluj. I’ve got fabric (hemp), yarn (heavy cotton) and a two hour sewing lesson.

Above is a bookmark I started with, sewn on the plane ride home.

There’s a large table cloth in progress, which is almost done. I’ve been sewing it over the last 2 1/5 months…